[SCAM] UMine Big Dual Mining Asset

  • Edit by Admin: this asset is a scam. Do not invest

    Name: UMine

    Asset ID: 6089346893590129860
    Asset Issuer: BURST-7PLA-UBGS-K4XS-DBFZZ
    Supply: 1'000'000
    Asset Decimals: 1
    Dividends: Weekly(Every Friday)
    Initial release price: 10 BURST / asset

    The name "UMine" is a play on words because my username is username and this is a mining asset. UMine is an bitcoin and altcoin mining asset. Anyone who buys into UMine is essentially buying hash in bitcoin and various altcoins. My rig is located in Michigan U.S. It gets pretty cold and I have a good electric bill so the maintenance won't be that high. I plan on weekly dividends for investors so they get a general idea of how well this asset will work. Dividends on Friday.
    I have
    2 Antminer 7's
    8 GeForce GTX TITAN X

    These bad boys get a sick hash-rate and I will be adding more hash-rate with the asset sales. I'll set the Antminers on slushpool and I'll have the others on multipool mining multiple coins depending on which ones are profitable.

    1st release 200'000
    2nd release 200'000
    3rd release 200'000
    4th release 150'000
    5th release 250'000

    If you guys/gals have any questions just put them here. I'll also provide any updates here as well.

  • woop woopp Michigan! where is it located in michigan?

  • @mathew I'm not really going to give away my exact address, but it's in Lansing

  • Just so nobody gets alarmed, if the asset wallet appears empty it's because I moved the burst to the exchange to get USD to buy more rigs. It wouldn't make any sense for me to leave the burst sitting in the wallet 🙂

  • @username Iam assuming that the only item added to this asset is the mining stream that will be produce from both the Graphic cards and 2 Bitcoin miners. What is your projected rate of return per share basis? High and low. Please advice

  • @Bitnet88 I can't say for certain because mining is a luck based venture but I would say it is pretty good. I have done some mining for myself with the gpu's and antminers and found them to be very profitable. The newer the miner/card usually means the better the ROI. the Antminer S7 is the newest antminer to date and should be the best in terms of profit. As for the return per share, I would advise buying a small amount in the asset and waiting for the weekly dividends to see what the average is per share. It should be above 1% or around 1%

  • My apologies to those who have bought the asset at 100 burst per share. I realized 100 million is too much and have decided to lower the price to 10 per share. Those who have already bought into this will get 10 times their current shares to make up for the price change. If you do not receive your shares, reply to this message and give me your burst address.

  • Price will remain 10 from here on out.

  • Well this is very exciting! Seems the asset release already sold out! I'm going to go ahead and release another 100'000. The 2nd-5th releases will only happen after the consecutive payouts. For example, 2nd release will happen in 1 week on Friday. 3rd in 2 weeks.
    first release 200'000
    2nd release 200'000
    3rd release 200'000
    4th release 150'000
    5th release 250'000

    For those who want to get in on this asset early, this next 100'000 will be all until Friday! Then the whales control the asset for a week 😛

  • I went and purchased some. The price went up to 25? I thought you said the price will " remain at 10 from here on out". Just checking.. I wanted in early and thought the price was still at 10. I might have misunderstood.

  • @chyna88 I think you might misunderstand how the asset exchange works. If someone buys all the remaining asset from the asset issuer (which is me. I am always selling at 10) then they can sell all of theirs for a higher price. I think that whenever you checked the exchange was right after someone had bought 80'000 and sold them for 25. I will always issue my shares for 10 but someone else might sell theirs for more.

  • oh...I see....So there are vultures out there pacing around trying to make a killing and you are just trying to protect the little asset... You mean there is no restrictions, "requirements" or limitations involved regarding purchases of assets?

  • Interesting....

  • @chyna88 yeah, the asset exchange is basically a stock exchange

  • Putting my Burst to work while I sleep is always top of mind for me. Hey, my mining rig might blow up or the pool may crash while i'm away so having a stable, secure asset to invest in makes sure I'm always making Burst and contributing to the community. My question to you @Username is how do you plan on increasing investor interest and willingness to buy? maybe providing wallet addresses, miner specs and pictures or even mining pool statistics. Would love to add this asset to my list of investments.

  • @toesieo I understand your inquiry before making a commitment. If the payout doesn't change your mind. Here is what the rig looks like with the box it came in just to clarify which one is in the picture.

  • @Username holy shit

  • @stupendelious I know right. They look sick!!! 😛

  • @Username Is that your PIC ?

  • Forgive me but is this pic and hardware yours? The russian label on the shelf above the file binder in front of the server and these 2 links to blogs reviews dated early last year featuring the exact same image say otherwise.