Troubleshooting Mining issues.

  • Hello to all! I am new to mining Burstcoin and would like to know if I am doing everything properly. The I joined several different pools paying the fee but for the last two days I haven’t earned any coins. I am only using 400gb from my hard drive but I know I am doing something wrong. This is all very technical for me so the simplest terms on step by step procedure on how to correct the issue would be greatly appreciated. Below is a paste from my mining page. Thank you very much in advance to the community.
    BURST miner, v1.160705
    Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
    CPU support: AES SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.2 AVX [recomend use AVX]
    AuthenticAMD AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics [4 cores]
    RAM: 8192 Mb
    Pool address (ip
    Updater address (ip
    Using plots:
    C:\Burst\plots files: 1 size: 400 Gb
    TOTAL: 400 Gb

    15:15:51 New block 269918, baseTarget 2400507, netDiff 7633 Tb
    15:16:00 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 8.5 sec (11.8 MB/s) CPU 31.85%

    15:21:37 New block 269919, baseTarget 2743752, netDiff 6678 Tb
    15:21:46 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 9.3 sec (10.8 MB/s) CPU 33.54%

    15:23:17 New block 269920, baseTarget 2750168, netDiff 6663 Tb
    15:23:25 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 8.3 sec (12.1 MB/s) CPU 32.09%

    15:28:20 New block 269921, baseTarget 2867581, netDiff 6390 Tb
    15:28:24 [ 0] found DL: 687479
    15:28:24 [ 0] sent DL: 687479 7d 22:57:59
    {"result":"Passphrase is for a different account","requestProcessingTime":1}
    15:28:29 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 9.0 sec (11.1 MB/s) CPU 32.24%

    15:30:09 New block 269922, baseTarget 2879395, netDiff 6364 Tb
    15:30:18 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 8.8 sec (11.3 MB/s) CPU 31.66%

    15:33:46 New block 269923, baseTarget 2940725, netDiff 6231 Tb
    15:33:51 [ 0] found DL: 1145011
    15:33:51 [ 0] sent DL: 1145011 13d 06:03:31
    {"result":"Passphrase is for a different account","requestProcessingTime":0}
    15:33:52 [ 0] found DL: 300208
    15:33:53 [ 0] sent DL: 300208 3d 11:23:28
    {"result":"Passphrase is for a different account","requestProcessingTime":0}
    15:33:55 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 8.4 sec (11.9 MB/s) CPU 34.14%

  • admin

    @bicvip1 It looks like you haven't done the reward assignment to the pool, or haven't w3aiting for 4 blocks for it to process. If you haven't done the assignment goto , enter you passphrase in the 3rf field and BURST-JGBV-U7YK-SWHM-4P4QS in the 4th. Hit submit and it should come back with 7 lines of code - that's the confirmation. Four blocks later you'll be mining.

  • Hi @haitch ,

    Thank you for your prompt response for some reason when I click the link I get a 404 error on chrome. Could the page have moved. Is the assignment the part when I get a signature hash after submitting if so I have done so for all the pools I have tried to join. With the following being the confirmation for the most recent one. {"signatureHash":"2b254abce2c98549fc6d846aa2a43be4cfb0d904271bac7685f1997827f8bd2d","unsignedTransactionBytes":"1410ed4ee403a005db7b8e94302cf251e1b57715d2d1072abcba1ff3f4be7547b3c5b77812ca39673b39187dd155582c000000000000000000e1f50500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004e1e040086e5296e70527e2801","transactionJSON":{"senderPublicKey":"db7b8e94302cf251e1b57715d2d1072abcba1ff3f4be7547b3c5b77812ca3967","signature":"ea98aa7d9c40f645c96b1ae2602cf970b302fc749b974b0fad983d6c9e07a20f240296169abbe7393b1a6114eb8dfc192b1f51e4a7c5f8707b44ca459a84815b","feeNQT":"100000000","type":20,"fullHash":"d416205930b8e9ceb78deae4ac948685e60274e35e07fc4cb10a75869df5c37e","version":1,"ecBlockId":"2917860251420714374","signatureHash":"2b254abce2c98549fc6d846aa2a43be4cfb0d904271bac7685f1997827f8bd2d","attachment":{"version.RewardRecipientAssignment":1},"senderRS":"BURST-ERE5-NURM-2M5M-7AQS7","subtype":0,"amountNQT":"0","sender":"5972556674076401027","recipientRS":"BURST-JGBV-U7YK-SWHM-4P4QS","recipient":"3195398293854632251","ecBlockHeight":269902,"deadline":1440,"transaction":"14909650559179953876","timestamp":65294061,"height":2147483647},"broadcasted":true,"requestProcessingTime":7687,"transactionBytes":"1410ed4ee403a005db7b8e94302cf251e1b57715d2d1072abcba1ff3f4be7547b3c5b77812ca39673b39187dd155582c000000000000000000e1f505000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000ea98aa7d9c40f645c96b1ae2602cf970b302fc749b974b0fad983d6c9e07a20f240296169abbe7393b1a6114eb8dfc192b1f51e4a7c5f8707b44ca459a84815b000000004e1e040086e5296e70527e2801","fullHash":"d416205930b8e9ceb78deae4ac948685e60274e35e07fc4cb10a75869df5c37e","transaction":"14909650559179953876"}

    Once again thanks for everyting and excuse my ignorance on this subject.

    Thank you

  • admin

    @bicvip1 Yeah, looks like I typoed assignment "mnet" , but the confirmation looks good.

  • This message keeps repeating on my miner status,

    16:24:47 New block 269935, baseTarget 2472616, netDiff 7411 Tb
    16:24:50 [ 0] found DL: 1506854
    16:24:50 [ 0] sent DL: 1506854 17d 10:34:14
    {"result":"Passphrase is for a different account","requestProcessingTime":0}
    16:24:56 Thread "C:\Burst\plots" @ 9.5 sec (10.5 MB/s) CPU 38.68%

    Is this something to worry about or an error? I dont know what it means by "Passphrase is for a different account".

    Also with all the other pools I was trying to mine with ( two more to be exact I kept geting error 1003, such as the one pasted below. How would I go about to resolve these issues.

    14:36:26 New block 269905, baseTarget 3471903, netDiff 5278 Tb
    14:36:49 [ 0] found DL: 1488299
    14:36:50 [ 0] sent DL: 1488299 17d 05:24:59
    [ERROR 1003] submitNonce request missing 'accountId' parameter - or were you try
    ing to solo mine?

    Thank you

  • admin

    @bicvip1 Which pool are you currently mining on ? And tell us more about your setup - are you using the AIO miner (I think so because of the directory paths. If you go into the c:\burst\plots directory, do all your filenames start with 5972556674076401027 ?

  • In Plots directory folder I only see on file numbered 0_300000001_1638784_3968.

    I am currently mining and previously on and my first choice was the EU club. I am open to suggestions for which pool would be best for my HD space of 400gb.

  • admin

    @bicvip1 Then something went very, very wrong when you were plotting. The start of the filename is the numeric account number for your account. With your Burst ID of BURST-ERE5-NURM-2M5M-7AQS7, that numeric account should be: 5972556674076401027. I suspect that the 0 means no account ID was entered at all. Take a look at , and specifically step 11 - I think you missed this. Delete the existing plots and replot is the only option sorry.

  • @haitch It's possible that he could have plotted by the AIO Wallet and was not logged in at least on the starting of the plotter?
    If so i think @daWallet will fixed in a blink of an eye for the next wallet release... xD

  • @haitch Renaming & Replacing 0 with Account ID doesn't work ??

  • @Castiel no for sure!
    Account ID should be written deep inside the plot lines...

  • admin

    @gpedro The client asks and checks the Burst address before plotting.

  • admin

    @Castiel No, the nonces inside the file are calculated based on your numeric account ID, you could rename the file and make it "look" right, but the contents would have no relationship to your real ID, and would be useless for mining with.

  • @daWallet Oh ok so couldn't be what i was thinking that he made... xD