GPU plotter vs CPU plotter

  • Hey guys I was wondering what the difference in plotting speed was between the CPU and GPU plotters. Everywhere I look it says the GPU is faster. What is an approximate average plot speed of the GPU plotter in nonces/minute?

    I plotted a 1TB drive with the CPU plotter and averaged about 5500 nonces/minute but that still took like 12 hours. I'm getting a 6TB drive and I would rather not wait 3-4 days for it to plot.

  • @lilkovs GPU Plotter is way faster than CPU.... How fast depends upon which Graphic Card you are using.

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    @lilkovs An R9-280X will do around 40,000 nonces/minute.

  • Thanks I downloaded the newest GPU plotter, and I can't seem to get it to work. Everything is set up right (as far as I know), but it always ends the plotting saying error -36 invalid command queue error in step 2 kernal finish. I have an EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW graphics card with the newest drivers downloaded. I made the .bat files that were needed. It plots for about 5-10 seconds then throws that error. Other sources say change the global work group, but I have no idea what or where that is. Any ideas?

  • @lilkovs Maybe you have reached Gpu limit and your system shut down the process to prevent damage (I have an Nvidia and gpu plotter gives me that error in this scenario)... Try lowering the last number in your devices.txt file, you can insert a number between 1 and 8192. You have to find the higher number where everything works fine, because higher number=better performances.

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    @lilkovs run the gpuplotgenerator in setup mode and make sure your devices.txt matches your actual hardware.

  • Thanks Dario it seems to be working. Its running just over 20,000 nonces a minute, and is almost 40% done.

  • @lilkovs You're welcome, we are here for you 🙂

  • @Dario's-wallet how do you set up the device text, and files cause I'm having trouble getting started. In the video tutorial there where bat files in his folder, but no instructions on how to set that up, and the read me text is a lil complicated for GPU plotting. I have a 1 TB HD CPU plotted and I wanna switch to GPU mining. BTW Adam sent me to this fine community. Thx

  • @Maddog22 For use the GPUplotter you have to set up the device.txt file, it will be created after you execute the .bat file in setup mode: right click on the .bat file, click edit and type this:

    gpuPlotGenerator.exe setup

    Type 1 and enter for list your platform and devices ID (usually they are pointed as 0) and then use the 3 and 9 option to add and save the configuration of devices. Using recommended options should be fine. Instead, if you experiment crashes or errors, usually lowering the last value of this file (double click on it to modify it!) should work... For generate the plots follow the instructions in the

    Instead for jminer (miner accelerated by GPU) you have to configure the file: setting the pool, solo mining mode, plot addresses etc, but also you have to insert your platform ID and device ID (you can find it in device.txt file configured in GPUplotter, the first two numbers, typically 0 and 0).
    Hope I have clarified something... 🙂

  • @Dario's-wallet said in GPU plotter vs CPU plotter:

    gpuPlotGenerator.exe setup

    My 1st Device was a Intel graphics card, the 2nd is my Nvidia Geforce. Can I use the Nvidia as my GPU? Then after set the ID does the plotting start in that command window, or is there another step?Can i use the miner that comes with the burst wallet to mine, or should use a specific one to do GPU mining? BTW thanks for the info in your 1st post, it helped me out!

  • @Maddog22 For using GPU yes, the 2nd choice is the right one. Plotting doesn't start in this cmd window: for that you have to set the .bat in another manner (something like "gpuPlotGenerator.exe generate direct G:/Burst/Plot/678678687445567_0_20000_20000") like described in the video, Plots 101 should complete your knowledge...
    GPU miner (jminer, the other ones works with cpu only) is implemented in the AIO Burst Wallet, and you can run it by the start mining "openCL" button, but in your specific case I think you have to set manually platform ID and device ID in the miner config file, that you can found in C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet\burstcoin-jminer-0.4.4-SNAPSHOT (app data folder is hidden!) for use it correctly.

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  • @lilkovs i have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 how many nonces/minute will this do?

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    @CryptoNick said in Need IDEA for New Video Card for PLOTTING 😃:

    I bought a 960R and got 100K Nonces, but the problem is Buffer and Direct Plotting is only as fast as the drive can write. When I plotted Direct it wrote out the entire file and then once it started filling the Nonces to start off it was very very slow. My card didn't even reach over 30K but that was towards the end too. It ramps up slowly, I think it started at 1000K and creeps up. The only reason to get a fast card is to do 2 or more drives at a time Direct Mode. If you just do 2 drives and only add a drive occasionally then don't waste your money on GPU as it will cap out at 30K or less even.

  • @blago appreciate it