What to do when computer freezes while plotting

  • Hello,

    So I have been plotting for 2 days (also mining ETH on the same computer) on a 6TB drive with around 33 % done.

    Last night the computer froze and im not sure why! I booted fine abd im now mining ETH again.

    I sure don't want to loose that info plotted already.

    What is the best way to restart?


  • just started my miner and got this (F is the 6TB drive):

    WARNING: F:\Burst\plots\11698367384290520738_600000001_13483776_12416 and
    F:\Burst\plots\11698367384290520738_600000001_22882880_13760 are overlapped

    05:36:26 New block 270538, baseTarget 1511982, netDiff 12119 Tb
    file "11698367384290520738_600000001_13483776_12416" name/size mismatch
    nonces (0) must be >= 8
    file "11698367384290520738_600000001_22882880_13760" name/size mismatch
    nonces (0) must be >= 8

  • admin

    @Burstminer Go to F:\Burst\plots and delete the file with 0 bytes. It is there because you once stopped plotting directly after start.

    You can keep on plotting the rest of the free space. Just do the same steps again.

    The 2 TB file has to be renamed, but Blago's plotchecker software will help you with that.