Random wallet wierdness...

  • Long story short.

    I created a new wallet, sent 10 burst to it they never showed up (actually sent an additonal 7 after that for testing), logged out restarted wallet, logged back into, and still hadnt received them. Double checked the wallet I sent them from, transaction has been confirmed 10+ times. Log back into new wallet and notice that it logged me into a different wallet ID. So then I sent 10 burst to that ID. Stayed logged in, received the coins, changed the name to have an outgoing transaction. closed the wallet. Logged back in to that wallet, and there are no more coins, wallet address changed again (a third different wallet address), and the name is back to not set. Very weird!

  • here are the 3 wallet address that have been created so far:

    BURST-2MKF-PV9A-Z83Q-7M26T (3rd created no balance, no transactions, is what is loaded now when I try to log in with my created passphrase)

    BURST-6GU7-F6Z8-9CQU-BPGMV (2nd created with balance of 9 burst and name changed)

    BURST-RV6F-RFG9-R572-5SDU2 (First created has a balance of 17 burst)

  • And after a little bit I sent 3 coins to the BURST-2MKF-PV9A-Z83Q-7M26T , set the name, and sent a message, and it appears it is now fully functional and tied to the pass phrase. No idea, but total strangeness.

  • @tomahawkeer few days have been weird with the wallet. So, I always open the wallet here if things go awry with our GUI wallet. https://mwallet.burst-team.us:8125/index.html

  • When I have that problem (not seeing correct balance) I use different ports. For example, yesterday I withdrew some coins from C-Cex, I checked via block explorer, transaction got 10+ confirmations but can't see in wallet. Then I changed port number from 8125 to 8126, then tadaa I saw correct balance. 🙂

    8215, 8126, 8127, 8128 the ports you can try.