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    Hello Guys! Bad day on the asset exchange as I have found a single person behind some majors scamming. He has created several accounts on the forum to sell his different assets. These assets are linked on the blockchain because he is sending burst from his asset account to the same poloniex deposit address.


    These are scams for certain in my opinion!

    Please donate if you want to help me for what i have lost: BURST-JPMC-43FN-S76X-6RX3W

    BurstVest by @DDos has been linked to the same account chain. More about that here

  • @stupendelious Here is his poloniex account if anyone want to look for themselves BURST-655P-7CTV-PGZF-B8FC3

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    @stupendelious I can confirm that they all do seem to be the same person. Here are the IP addresses they've logged in from:

    Username: "","",""
    Goody: ""
    KevinFML: "","","","","" shows up on all three, shows up on two of them.

  • Fucking angry about users doing this kind of thing, it's a big hit for the entire community!!
    How much in total did he steal? I didn't bet on any of these because they all came at the same time, and my details were wrong, like in gdaily the guy say his name and were his from, but doing a small search and were unable to find nothing about a real person in the area he told. It was very suspicious since the beginning, but I never imagined they were the same as**ole.

    Thanks @stupendelious for following the investigations we talked in PM yesterday ^_^

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    @Zeus Looks like 1.25M Burst which is about US$430

  • Is there no compensation to investors when shit like this happens? If asset issuers didn't need initial investments to get started, some sort of escrow arrangement could be put in place until first dividends are paid, but I guess scammers would just delay jumping ship until trust is built. 😞

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    @toesieo Compensation to the victims from the scammer not going to happen. But on these three, PM me your Burst address, which asset and how many, and I'll personally recompense you 50% of what you lost. This is not a policy of the burst-team, and may not happen with the next scam, but I'll do something about this serial scammer.

  • @haitch Seriously??? I'm not a assetholder of any of these assets but i just had to comment: You really are the best, man!

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    @gpedro I run this forum, the scam was executed through my forum. I'll compensate the victims for half their loss. I also lost on 2 of the 3 "assets". We all need to do out homework better.

  • @haitch i guess you are right, but i really think we should do some site that is a ID escrow linked to this forum and maybe even AE (should be more difficult) and hosted by you or someone of the Team, that way for open an asset you will have to send your ID to the escrow first, or the escrow could just be something that add he ID verifications with a lot of exposure to the public and low fees...

    Of course i'm not saying that the ID's should be visible on the site but this could work...

    In that escrow you could put 2 level's of security (ID and Phone confirmation). Phone confirmation should be Automated but the ID will have to be verified by hand, so for this 2 level's will show three states: "ID sent and no phone confirmed", "ID sent and phone confirmed" and for last "ID and Phone Confirmed"...

    This way at least all of the Asset Issuer would be registered somewhere... This De-centralized things are very beautifull but i don't think we could have a complete thrustworthy Asset Exchange without centralize it a bit! I think this could be a solution...

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    @gpedro Escrow has problems with this scenario. Generally I send an item to escrow, you send money - escrow validates that everything is okay, and then releases both items. How would that work on asset? You send burst to an escrow, asset supplier sends shares, after first payout, the items are released - and then the first payout becomes the last. Escrow works fine for physical, specified amount of digital - but it can't guarantee honesty of an asset. The asset holder could pay out once, twice, then run off with your money. How long do you Escrow for? Until the asset hits a guaranteed ROI ?

  • Hat off to you @haitch .

  • @haitch No i was talking in something more simple... you want to open an asset then you send your ID and verify your phone to this escrow (escrow probably is not the best word to describe that, but i'm lacking of a good word to describe it xD) if there is a SCAM alert on some asset of that login the escrow admin (someone of the team) would be contacted and would release the SCAMMER ID's that way the asset issuer knows he could not make that asset turn into a SCAM otherwise his intel will be released and he will be processed by all the SCAMMED persons... Do you understand what i mean?

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    @gpedro - that would remove all the anonymity of crypto - will never work.

  • @haitch Not all, i'm not saying to keep the doc's open to everyone but make like a regulator of the Asset Exchange, and maybe it's not needed that to create an asset but the asset issuers that use that escrow will for certain be trustworthy and even if them are not recognized by the community this will give them some hope...

    Otherwise people will just buy asset's created by the team now on and that is not a Decentralized Asset Exchange at all...

    And i don't think it will release all the anonymity of crypto because only who want to be a asset issuer would need to use that... Afterall an asset it's like a company! And a company with no registration in anywhere but the blockchain...

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    @gpedro All your ideas are nice, but there won't be a regulator or any kind of ID verification by default for the Asset Exchange. Of course Asset Issuers can provide Identities and Escrows with trusted third parties to make their Asset more legit and attractive for investors - but keep in mind, that the high returns are a mirror of the high risk involved.

    There is no compensation or bail out for lost funds by a scam. I appreciate what haitch is offering, but this can't be the way we handle this in the future. The next "loss" will come sooner or later. Investors have to research better. Check date of registration of the Asset Issuer. Ask for proof, payouts, addresses and pictures before investing your money. What work they have done and results accomplished in the past?

  • @daWallet I agree with you,,we must dig futher to investigate the Owners of the Assets,,,for me its like Facebook now,,there is a Lot of Scams these day and peopel are looking and investigate,,so should we do here!!

  • lamentations for all afff, have to hunt these guys, even in hell and make them pay accursed race, pardon the revolt already suffered from blows without well what it is that

  • @haitch said in MAJOR SCAMS ON ASSET EXCHANGE!:

    @gpedro I run this forum, the scam was executed through my forum. I'll compensate the victims for half their loss. I also lost on 2 of the 3 "assets". We all need to do out homework better.

    I'll help out with that. PM me your burst acc number and i'll donate 300k to the cause later tonight when i get back. This way together we'll decrease the loss of the folks that bought into this garbage.
    I fucking hate these scams.I left NXT just because of shit like this.

  • F***, this is why we need to be so careful with (and critical towards) new assets. Had 1100 Kmining shares, I feel pretty stupid. Thanks Haitch and Nameless for being so generous, @Haitch I think everyone understands, even though it is your forum, you had nothing to do with this and have no responsibility at all. You guys are awsome.