Is it just my miner?

  • 0_1473450544628_bad.PNG

    Ok I am mining on my pool server but is anyone seeing this?

    It was happening 3 times between blocks now its about every 3 blocks.

    If it is happening to other people can anything be done about it. Cause its extra electricity

    and more wear and tear for nothing!

  • @tross Same thing happend to me aswell,like 2 weeks ago when i was in your Pool,then after i closed and open up my miner it was gone! Fast block or corrupt file?

  • @bytheseaster no it happened all day since all those forked pools. Its slowing down but still happens. but yea its kinda like what you said.

  • @tross If i remeber right,it was a fork aswell that made all go wrong like this,now with the big one,hang on it will go away,,and hows life in your pool? Im plotting,so im out of business for time beeing,,will see you there Saturday!! Why not take a brake and go down to the bierstube for a beer!!! Just to clear your head!!!