• So I am currently looking at expanding into larger mining but I want to try something different than just buying more hard drives. Is it worth it to say rent storage from amazon for $60 a year for unlimited such as this?

    I have seen but I am just wondering how to actually make this possible.

  • @mathew Well the response to your question it's simple... Depends on your internet connection... xD

    I'm currently mining with almost 350Gb on Google Clouds but i don't think that Cloud mining could actually be replacing the HDD mining because read the plots will take too much time but you can try it wih some free clouds first and take your own conclusions... What i'm saying with this is you could create plotted clouds and mine with them but it will take a lot of time to read them, i think of it this way:

    If when you're mining each Gb is like a Lottery Ticket, you could set up your clouds to be readed after your HDD plots and that way you will be getting ticket's until the end of the block or until you have no more plots to read xP
    Remember that you could get a 1s DL or even a 0s DL after 2 minutes of the start of a block and beat a DL of 122s...

    I'm setting up a 101 post for cloud mining and probably will release it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow (depends on my availability) but the resume is basically:

    • Do not try to mine with unoptimized plot's, read an optimized plot is around 3 to 4 times faster at least in cloudmining.
    • My advice is to do small plots, in my case i have plots of 15Gb because Google give 15Gb free for each account, and always optimize them (if you have some cloud bigger i think all of them have the upload per file limited to 100Gb);
    • After that do the upload throught the browser, it's much faster than throught the clients, and even throught the browser i take around 4 hours minimum to upload 15Gb to Google (small tip: when i upload i don't upload the plot file, i upload a folder with the plot inside, it will not make a miracle but will be a bit faster);
    • To map your clouds on your PC use NetDrive (as long as i know it's the only one that works properly) and do not use the Trial Verson (they limit the speeds), buy it or else xP;
    • After that the only thing you have to do is go to your miner.conf on the miner folder in %AppData%\Roaming\BurstWallet and insert the drives on the Path line;
    • Test it and you should be mining;
    • The extra thing you should do is tweek the miner.conf to match the best readng speed, and you do that by playing with path line on miner.conf this way: "A\plots","B\plots" (read the plots on A and B at the same time) or "A\plots"+"B\plots" (read the plots on A and then read the plots on 😎

    My advice is that you should test it with a free cloud before you buy a 60$ cloud... Any doubts just ask or wait for my 101 on this matter xP

    Happy mining!!!

  • @gpedro said in Advise:

    wait for my 101 on this matter.

    I'll wait.