program problem

  • Hi guys
    I want to install write plot and when i decided the cpu and the giga the program say : U use a 32 bit system 4 u theres only the original java plotter available wich is slower.
    What I can DO

  • Question is, how much are you plotting, because i'll give you my example.

    I only have about 2 TB plotted, and adding 100 GB more each day. I use the client plotter and give it 2 cores so i won't feel it. Takes about 1 hour to plot 100 gigs, but i'm not in a rush.

    If you plan on plotting less than 1 TB at a time, i say give it time, there's no rush. You can always start mining tomorrow.

    If you want to plot a ton of TB, i suggest the gpu plotters.

  • admin

    You have a 32 bit system, so you have only a smaller set of tools available which are slower than the 64bit tools.

    You have two options:
    Live with the slower tools or run it on a newer machine with 64 bit.