How to Cloud Mine - 101 Tutorial

  • Hey there folks, i'm sorry for not posted this before but i thought i already posted, and now i've been looking for the folder that i had created on my PC with all of the Printscreens from the complete setup but i don't seem to find that, so what i will do is put in here the setup and when i have some time i will re-do the setup and edit this post with the pictures, but for now i leave you with this 101 on how to set up the Google Clouds to mine! I think it would work with other clouds beside google but i didn't tried so i can't spoken on that behalf...

    I was able to connect has much google drives as letter of the abecedary that was free on my my PC (letters of the Drives), in my case was 22 so:

    22 drives * 15Gb = 330 Gb

    330 Gb free is something real cool... I guess that if you have some wireless USB cards you could setup some Virtual Machines and fill them with as much google drives as you can (25 google drives (considering that you have to be at least one drive letter occupyed for the system disk) will be 375Gb)

    I don't think that Cloud mining could actually be replacing the HDD mining even if you get unlimited space because the reading of the plots will take too much time, i prefer thinking in this way:

    • If when you're mining each Gb is like a Lottery Ticket, you could set up your clouds to be readed after your HDD plots and that way you will be getting ticket's until the end of the block or until you have no more plots to read! Remember that you could get a 1s DL or even a 0s DL and take 2 minutes to read those plots and still beat a DL of 122s that takes 1 second to read...

    My fastest readings were something around 80 sec to read 16 drives so not bad at all, but with the newest version of NetDrive. Around one month ago i couldn't read faster than 250 seg to read 6 clouds so you could see that NetDrive is improving a lot, who knows if they could work their magic good enough maybe cloud mining could even replace mining with an HDD on the future, but i don't think it will in the next 1 or 2 years at least xP

    So let's start with some steps in here:

    1 - Plot the files on your PC, my advice is that you put the max nonces on just one plot, in this case since google gives 15Gb per account, the max that i was able to use was 65440 nonces on each google drive. I was able to upload one plot a little bigger than this but after some time mining it started to give me some error saying that wasn't enough space so i guess that when you're mining on a cloud the miner or the NetDrive will create some files with information regarding to the space plotted in there so you will need some nonces free on your cloud! If you don't know how to do it here's a video where Risky teach you to do it with the CPU or the GPU:

    2 - Optimize those plots using PlotOptimizer GUI... (Optimized plots in cloud mining is very important because will speed up the reading of the plots while mining in 3-4 times). Of course that this step could be do side-by-side with the previous step if you use the GPUplotgenerator in direct mode! Here's the Optimizer:

    3 - Upload those plot's throught your favorite browser (i used chrome and for me it was a little faster than Firefox, but i was uploading for google so... xD) to the cloud you are trying to mine. On uploading this files, i found out that with google is a little bit faster if you upload a folder with those files instead of uploading the plot files directly. And i think all the clouds even in business packages they block uploads over 100Gb so if you have one of those my advice is to use plots under the 100Gb. Atention: do not upload throught the client of your cloud, neither through NetDrive emulated drive, ALWAYS use your browser (is a lot faster and you will get less errors)

    4 - Download NetDrive ( don't use the trial Version, buy it or use a cracked version xD) and set up you clouds in there, it's real simple and fast to do that, is just hit create a new network drive and configure in the cascatebox in there to the cloud system you will use, then hit connect and it will prompt you a log in window, log in and it will automatically connect...

    5 - Go to %AppData%\Roaming\BurstWallet\miner-burst-1.160705 (AppData folder is hidden so you will to allow yourself to see hidden folders on the explorer options!) and edit miner.conf, this file should look like this:

       "Mode" : "pool",
       "Server" : "",
       "Port": 8124,
       "UpdaterAddr" : "",
       "UpdaterPort": "8124",
       "InfoAddr" : "",
       "InfoPort": "8124",
       "EnableProxy": false,
       "ProxyPort": 8126,
       "CacheSize" : 40000,
       "ShowMsg" : false,
       "ShowUpdates" : false,
       "Debug": true,
       "UseHDDWakeUp": true,
       "SendBestOnly": true,
       "TargetDeadline": 4000000,
       "UseFastRcv" : false, 
       "SendInterval": 100,
       "UpdateInterval": 950,
       "UseLog" : true, 
       "ShowWinner" : false,
       "UseBoost" : false,
       "WinSizeX": 76,
       "WinSizeY": 60

    This line is what matters:


    Basically what says in there is that my miner will read the plots on C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N all simultaniously because of how the paths are separated: e.g. "C:\plots","D:\plots"
    If you want to configure it to run those plots in serie you should use "C:\plots+D:\plots" instead of "C:\plots","D:\plots", you see the difference? this way it will read the plot on C and then the plot on D...

    To get the best reading speed you will have to experiment a bit to see how you can get the best reading speeds between read that plots in series or in parallel... I would love to could get you a perfect setup for the optimized reading speeds but it will depend on your network...

    6 - You are good to go!!! Start your miner and you should be mining with your plots on the cloud!

    So basically is this... If you have any questions reply and i will make my best to help you out as i usually do!

    P.S.: I had some crashes on my connection to the network when i was using the trial version and unupdated versions of NetDrive so make sure you get always the most updated software from NetDrive and allow in the options to notify you when there is updates available, my advice is to not put auto updates enabled because you will not want to update NetDrive during a very good DeadLine of yours that came from some cloud drive xD

    PSS: If you want to donate some of the newest mined coins feel free to do it for this address: BURST-JYHR-SPXP-YT22-5F4KM

    There is a pool created with the purpose of mine with clouds (managed by @newsense2004): or

  • @gpedro Great Tutorial! I have been adding google drives to me second pc and so far half way through the drive letters I haven't seen much drop in performance. Just something to note. I will keep you posted.

    I expected to see the read times drop a lot faster on a 25mb connection. Getting close to 600GB cloud.

  • @crutsy Thanks man! You were one of the peoples that make me believe in this cloud project when i first know about burst xD

    With this new updates NetDrive is a lot faster at least in what regards to reading... I can read all my drives at the same time if i has my pc in the living room (near to the router) with a wireless connection and if i were in my bedroom i have to split that in half putting all the clouds reading in pairs simultaniously with the local ones... and we were talking about had like 6 reading in my network other 6 reading in my FON network and use neighbours networks to read the remaining ones hahaha

    NetDrive helped a lot, in like 1 month they turn their reading speeds like 3 or 4 times faster... At least i notice that, i only lose speed in like the 20th drive, of course that the speed is 0.4 mb/s but still... xD

  • I wonder How this will work on a 110mb connection

    @gpedro how fast is your connection you are using?

  • @Njcfamily31907 My ISP says 25mbps but in the best days is 15mbps DOWN and 7-8mbps UP

  • @gpedro what do you get for a read time on the 15gb file?

  • @Njcfamily31907 On google drive with an optimized plot i get around 4-8 seconds best case scenario xP

  • @gpedro im using the optimizer but doesnt seem to do anything does it make the file as it optimizes? aka is there a plot being made that i should see in the folder?

  • @falconCoin the optimizer grabs some plot and creates a new one optimized in the folder you specified, then deletes the old plot... If you made your plot with the xPlotter, your plot is already optimized and you don't need to optimize it 😉

  • Need a video tutorial 😕
    Seems too confusing.