Marriage And Washing The Cars

  • My wife and I go great together like peas and carrots. We have been this way for as long as I can remember. We hardly fight and tend to agree on many different topics and discussions. But there are some things that she and I don't agree on. One of the things we disagree on is washing the cars.

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    I feel a little unmanly revealing this because a lot of the other males around me love to wash their cars and baby them like they were a prized possession that retains a strong value if polished every day. I am on the other side of the male camp that hates to wash my car. I don't care to wash it every day, week, or even a month.

    When I need a certain percentage of visibility through my windows in order to get through the day I will wash the windows. Matter of fact, the other day, I threw water from a water bottle I conveniently had in the car, on the windshield. I then grabbed an old squeegee I had in the car and proceeded to wipe the water away. Did it work? YES, IT DID! It did the job and I was able to go about my day.

    Now, in the past, when I first bought her, I would wash her every Sunday. I would give her a good wash down of every part of her metal and plastic parts. I enjoyed the Sunday car wash and also liked to drive it around after the good wash. I don't know what it was, but the car felt better. LikeI just got her from the mechanic after spending $1,500 dollars to tune her up.

    But those days are long gone. I honestly don't care what she looks like now. To be honest with you I'm a little proud of her dirtiness. It's like a badge of honor that she can take anything thrown at her. I can drive my dirty car anywhere and not care if she gets scratched or dented. Now, I am not a total slob. I will give her a good cleaning every now and then. I'll spend the whole day washing her down myself. While I wash I inspect every part of her to ensure nothing is going to fall off while I drive her around. My wife's car, on the other hand, is a different story.

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    My wife is a very strong believer in washing cars more than every other full moon. If it's dirty, she will complain in my ear every time she gets inside of the car, that she needs to get it cleaned. It will not stop until we get it clean which tends to occur quickly.

    When she has had enough of her dirty car, which is not long, we will take it down the street to a car washing place. There, we will wait in line because of the other 30 cars that are in need of washing. Once the car goes through the vacuums that will suck up all your coins and valuables that you forgot about in the cracks, it goes into the wash.

    Inside of the building, there are grungy windows stained with soap scum and harsh chemicals that are sure to cause cancer if you get some on you. From these windows, you can watch your car go through a brutal but necessary wash and rinse. After the car has gone through the chemical bath, it comes out clean but wet.

    There is personnel ready to welcome the car into the light at the end of the tunnel. Here, they will begin to wipe down the car. Some take extra care in wiping down your car. They grab new rags for your car and ensure they wipe all parts down. There is also another team that wipes down the windows by spraying Windex onto the glass. They will wipe them down ensuring there are no streaks in the glass.

    However, there are always a few on the team that doesn't care about your car, life in general, and or just there to get a fill in their wallets. I'm not going to assume what they do with their money but by the look of some of them, I'm sure it involves a trip to the liquor store or worse.

    These guys will go from wiping the brake dust off another car they are cleaning, to wiping down your car with the same rag. Car brake dust is no joking matter as it will scratch up your paint and leave marks everywhere. They are not directly noticeable until you get home and the light hits them in a perfect way. Revealing them like some ancient written language that has been hidden for centuries.

    They will then use that same rag to wipe the widows of your car while using a spit of window cleaner on them. Or better yet, they will use the wet rags from wiping all the parts of the car. All while looking at you like they can do whatever they want because you are not going to do a damn thing about it.

    It's funny sometimes watching the folks that paid for the wash. The cringey look they give while watching that one guy wipe everything down using that dirty rag is priceless. What is crazy is a lot of people just accept it as the norm. They don't make a fuss about it. They will also give them a tip.

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