What happens if an issuer dies or gets sick?

  • What happens if someone controlling an Asset dies or gets sick to the point where they can't control the Asset? How would investors get their burst out of that Asset?

  • @Jman WOW that's actually a good question since all of this cyptos business is based on the annonimaty... And i don't know the answer to that xD But let's hope that nothing of this has happened to b457

  • @Jman I am afraid you will lose ur Burst unless there are 2 or more people managing that Asset

  • @Jman That's a really good question. Luckily, I have a partner who is co-working with me that will do all the work in the event of force majere and I perish. Hopefully, not yet in 20 years. I still want to be a burst gazillionare before I die. 🙂

  • @jervis gazillionaire it's huge xD

  • @gpedro said in What happens if an issuer dies or gets sick?:

    @jervis gazillionaire it's huge xD

    yeah, make it gazillion! Burst millions are the only goal of scammers. We (you and me and all of us) need to goal for gazillions! 😉

  • @jervis I only could not agree with you because i have an asset that it's called BURSTMillions and certainly i'm not a scammer xD But yeah bigger the goal better ;P

  • @gpedro no offense man. ;P but yeah, we really need to pump up our goals. We can only go higher. 🙂

  • @jervis for sure...

  • Same with me. If i check out early my silent partner will take over. He's actually my mentor, they guy that i learned most of what i know from , so perhaps me dying wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen to NEWSILVER investors 😃

  • There's another idea I'm working on...

    Totally Automated Asset - or TAA - will be based on Smart Contracts on BURST, and will be capable of running your asset payouts, in a fully automated fashion!

    The only thing, is that if your asset relies upon mining, those operations would still need to be managed, which is always good to have a partner for these things and this reason.

    I've got multiple people who work with me both in the fore and background, if anything were to happen to me, one of them would take over the asset distribution and mining management.

    Of course, I don't want to think of these types of things, but it is always good to have a failsafe backup plan, as I recently found I should have done with my phone... which was destroyed, and thus locked me out of my polo and coinbase accounts... very unfortunately...
    I'm in the process of getting them back, but yea... that one hurt a bit.

    Anyway, I'll give more info soon on my TAA idea. Thanks!