I guess it was a matter of time...

  • Well, this baby just came through the mail:


    I think it's time for me to join in on the fun as well 🙂

    And i think i should look into gpu plotting because my CPU plots could take a while for this one... Wish me luck!

    This should be the first of many. I hope i can add at least one of these each month to my collection.

  • @nameless cool 😃 I'm supposed to get my WD 4 TB Thursday! 😃

  • Have fun with it!

  • @Zeus no rush. there's plenty of room for all of us 🙂

    Oh and btw, i didn't just start this thread to brag about my noobie 5 TB, but rather the story of how a casino is paying for my long term investments. More on the matter a bit later.

    And no, it's not burstgames that pays for this 🙂 . I'm actually helping @Zeus avoid exploits like the ones i use on others.

  • Yeah @nameless has been a huge help to find some exploits that are available in other casinos and that I notified that could be done in mine and I've been solving this ^_^ that's why the site was down yesterday hehe.