Is Mining on your Phone Harmful to the Phone in anyway?

  • Since no other coin currently has mining on phones, I am pushing this hard at Polo. Someone posed the question about being harmful to components of the phone - Is this an issue in any regard?

  • admin

    There is mining on phones out there but with non-efficient algorithms. You can mine BTC or others on phones, but you will never see a coin in trillion years and you phone will get really hot probably.

    Burst on your phone on the other hand won't heat up your phone very much. It reads just 1 / 4096 of the plot size you have on your memory. I'm mining with two old phones for over 14 days now and they are a little bit warmer.

    Future phones will care even less about the extra load Burst mining will cause. This developments aims for the future. Till 2020 every human on this planet will have a smartphone. They will be empowered in not only using a currency - they will be part of its infrastructure and creation.

  • @nimbletoes I mine on my phone with Minergate App and it's possible to mine a lot of different coins, of course that my phone get a bit hot and with Burst mining it didn't heat neither a little bit xD