Command Prompt not updating but drive filling up

  • I have my GPU Plotter running, and the command prompt was updating every few seconds until it hit 0.03%, since then it hasn't moved, but the plot file on the hard drive is still growing and is now over half the drive.

    Do I have to restart it or is everything working ok?

    Second, the file is just on the root directory of the drive, is that OK or do I need to move it after?

  • @superskid already passed the size you are trying to plot? If so i would stop the plot... but never happened to me, and never had a file in the root directory, would advise to put the plot in one folder...

  • admin

    @superskid If you're plotting in "direct" mode to create the optimized plot, then that behaviour is normal. The plotter basically builds the complete file, then starts filling it in. Depending on the size of your plot the initial building can take a long time. Once that's complete, the prompt will go back to updating.

  • Yes I did choose direct mode, I have a GTX 770, no idea what the best settings are. I went with "0 0 1024 128 400" Is that last number WAY too low?

    In the bat file I ended with 4096? I have 8 gigs ram on the computer though, what number should I use?

    I am plotting a 3TB drive the whole thing and the plot file is going in the root directory, my plotter is a different drive, what directory should I move it to?

  • admin

    @superskid This is mine for an R9-280X: 0 0 8192 256 8192

    4096 as the stagger will use approx. 1GB of RAM, You could safely go to 8192, and possibly 16384.

    Doesnt matter where the plotter is, you just tell it where to put the plot file.