Q & A on BURST Phone Mining

  • The open-minded at Polo like the idea of mining BURST on phones -
    Someone however, just posted this:
    "Mining on your phone? You'd have so little free space it wouldn't be worth it".

    Answers? . . .

  • @General-Executor you can always use sd cards, and it's even possible to mine HDD from your phone, also remember that not just a phone uses Android, these open possibilities for much more devices than just phones.

    124 GB on a phone + a good sd card it's worth it, even more, if you can only use your phone to mine on HDD's, I don't know how many you will be able to connect, but I've seen someone posted a picture of his HDD connected to his phone with an extension and he said it was working ^_^

  • @Zeus Someone at Polo mentioned that mining on your phone will place "stress" on the sd card. Not conversant in this area, which is why I started this thread.

    Also, is phone mining still in Beta?

  • @General-Executor Yes its still in Beta... How said tha knows anything about this? mine with GPU or CPU threads on android make the phone real hot but while mining Burst you will just read 1 nonce of 4096 at each block so most of the time your phone is not doing nothing xD Hell, i can even mine Burst with burst app and BCN with mnergate app at same time on android LOL I just tryed xD

    @Zeus this guy as an Hub and theoriticaly he can connect up to 5 drives because that is the maximum an android could take (at least i think). Imagine mine 5x 10Tb drives on Android (50 Tb)... We never had been closest to that!

  • @gpedro That's what I'm talking about! Great video thanks for sharing 😃
    @General-Executor yes the android version is still in beta, I haven't experienced any trouble with my sd card for now, but I just started trying this out like 2 days ago so I don't know about the "stress" hehe everything for now is as smooth is always.

  • @Zeus no problem man!
    @General-Executor For me it works all cool, never experienced stress of any kind the only thing is that bug of not recognize an SD Card inside the app sometimes, but it's a beta so... And that card is all good, works on PC and on android just not inside the app!

  • Great conversation.
    Here is another Polo post:
    seikuraigeki: GeneralExecutor, Actually theres a limit to how much people can mine

    Oh no, is that true? or just more FUD?

  • @General-Executor What he means by that? A limit of people? if there was it would not be something that is more and more decentralized every day... That's not a limit, maybein terms of size but there's not a limit, just if you get a plot size too biger you will be making the network less decentralized but have you seen the size of the plotted size in all network of Burst? There are around 12,305TB on the network so to trully decentralized you would have to invest a lot in HDD's and i'm pretty sure that the network would not let you put so much in just one miner!

  • The highest capacity SDXC card available today is 512GB, but that could quickly go up to 1TB, in as little as one year, said Brian Kumagai, president of SD Association, a standards organization behind the development of SD cards. pcworld.com

    This was written at the beginning of 2016. Also, smartphone chips are getting faster and more efficient. Mining on the phone is here to stay and others are going to begin trying to adopt the same thing on their coins.

    I can only imagine when everyone realizes they can actually mine with their own phones instead of using racks of computers. @daWallet has definitely started something that could change crypto-coin in a very positive way. I think our future pain will be not having enough pools. Which I would love to build for the community but I'm still green and my computer sucks. haha

    I wish we had it on the Iphone.
    sad panda

  • @gpedro Super post, thank Cat.