The Magic 2 numbers - Mini LOTTERY by NEWS

  • I found out a new and easy way to bet on The Magic 2. Please tell me your thoughts about this. I will be posting this in the Marketplace after hearing your thoughts.

    Men and women of the Burst Universe, I welcome you to:

    The Magic 2 - Mini LOTTO

    This game starts with an Initial Prize and then COMPOUNDS after daily draws in which there's no placed bet on the winning number combination. This is a fun game with a nice return, if you're lucky. Let's try our luck, shall we?

    Wallet: BURST-X3KZ-SHMT-GF57-32QSR
    Initial Prize: 1,500 Burst
    Betting Price: 30 Burst per number combinations

    Current Prize: 2,042 Burst

    Read the MECHANICS for more information on The Magic 2.


    This game will run in conjunction with Daily 3. But, instead of betting for 3 numbers, you only have to bet for the LAST 2 NUMBERS.


    For example, on the picture above, the MIDDAY’s and EVENING’s winning numbers are 680 and 838, respectively. In order for you to win The Magic 2-Mini LOTTO, you must have betted with 80 on the MIDDAY draw and 38 on the EVENING draw.

    There are two scheduled draws daily as set by - the Midday and the Evening draws. Thus, we will also have 2 draws daily.

    If the Prize is not won after the 2-draw schedule, the bets will be accumulated by 70% of the daily sales. Meaning, if today’s initial prize is 1,500 Burst and it is not won after 2 draws, 70% of the bets today will be added for tomorrow’s prize and so on.

    If today's bet reached 120 BURST x 70% + 1,500 = 1,584 BURST will be the Prize money tomorrow. This lottery could accumulate a MILLION BURST or more before someone wins it, you never know.




    1. On your wallet, you will find the SEND BURST button (the red box) on the upper right corner as shown in the image below.


    1. Click on SEND BURST and enter the information needed. Wallet address is BURST-X3KZ-SHMT-GF57-32QSR.


    1. Enter the amount of BURST you have to send. Betting price 30 Burst per number combination. For example, If you're placing bets for numbers 09,14,16, then you have to send 90 BURST as you have 3 number combinations.

    2. Under the box for the Amount of Burst to be sent, there is a Add a Message tick box. Tick/click on it. A message box will open.

    3. Inside the Message box, enter the NUMBERS you want to bet on. If you're placing bets for multiple numbers, you have to separate them by a comma as shown in the image.

    4. Then you have to put a dash (--) then the DATE of the draw you are placing your bet/bets. Then, another dash (--) then the SCHEDULE of the draw (MIDDAY or EVENING).

    5. Enter your passphrase and then press SEND BURST.

    6. Winners’ wallet addresses will be announced on this thread, and will be paid on the said winning wallet address nonetheless.

    7. If there are more than one winner, the net Prize will be distributed evenly to the winners.

    8. Sent Burst without a message or placed bet will be forfeited and unrefundable. Our liability ends in your carelessness.

    This lottery is fueled by the NEWS Asset's Floating fund. It will run as long as there is fund in the Float.

    This is a Floating fund project of NEWS. NEWS is a diversified asset of Burst which is modeled on dynamic stability. Also, 5% of all income of NEWS goes to Crowdfunding to help shape Burst’s future.

    To know more about NEWS Asset, please click the hyperlink or simply visit

  • @jervis What i was saying earlier is that you could do it in just one transaction when you hit send burst you could send a message in that payment instead of two transactions so less 1 fee...

  • @gpedro said in The Magic 2 numbers - Mini LOTTERY by NEWS:

    @jervis What i was saying earlier is that you could do it in just one transaction when you hit send burst you could send a message in that payment instead of two transactions so less 1 fee...

    Oh yes, i see it now. wait. im gonna edit it. 🙂 thanks

  • BURST-8X97-P2W6-3ERX-ASC94 sent 30 Burst but you did not send a message with your placed bet number. Please do send the number combination. Thanks.

  • @gpedro check it out... Is that okay now? xD

  • @jervis I believe so yes xD

  • This post is deleted!


    We have tested the system and it is working well.

    The Magic 2 numbers - Mini Lottery by NEWS will be re-launched in the Marketplace at approximately 06:00 EST. Please be sure to check it out and of course, place your bets ;).

    Happy Bursting!

    N.E.W.S. Asset Team