Understanding pool web pages.

  • Hi, I've had a quick look around but not found anything that lets me understand the things in the pool web page.

    I will attach a screenshot and mark in black next to things i am not 100% sure about although i might have an idea what they mean, just need verification.


    The reward amounts, is this the amount you get that is shows each time or only if you complete the block or something else ?

    w/D in the middle, am i correct thinking this means with deadline or does it mean something else ?

    The figues to the right, i have no idea, maybe the 17D means how many deadlines someone has hit ? and the +0 is how many earnings from the pool ?

    Any info would be very much appreciated for me to understand it all better, Thank you.

  • Info regrading the pool starts at 3:25

    I recommend watching the whole video. Good stuff in there. I think @RiskyFire is doing some updates to the videos. Not sure tho.

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  • Hi, I saw that video before and it did not go into detail about what the columns meant but thank you for replying anyway. That link that haitch sent was exactly what i was looking for so thank you to you also.

    Much appreciated guys.

  • @Snoops 17D+ 0 means that you already mined 17 burst and they are deferred until you get over 300 or 24h after your first burst mined, the 0 is the total of payments made, if you see something like 17D+300Q+0, the Q mean that the payment is qeued.
    The other annotation on the center is: right hand square(on the center) is the best miner of the pool, and the left hand one (on center) is the miner that won the block from all pools, if your pool wins the block you will get a big square that occupies the left and right hand! Happy mining!

  • @haitch i had that thing again that didn't shows any comment beside the topic and i posted this above... I thinked it was my mystake when happened some hours ago but now i was sure it was no comments there and when i post the comment, other comments appear...Real odd seeing the difference of the comments are over 15 minutes (27 minutes the most recently) could the youtube plug in mess it up somehow?

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    @gpedro Don't think so - it seems to parse posts and change any links to url's it has rules for to embed ones. I've not seen the problem you're describing. You're not behind some sort of proxy are you ?

  • @haitch Actually my VPN is turned off for some hours now... Odd! let's see if happen to more people...