I have a probelm with Burst Wallet

  • Hello, my is Ramon.

    Adam Guerbuez who is a great guy sent me here. I did follow the tutorial steps on how to create Burst Wallet. After Blockchain finish updated, I went to Burst coin faucet to get free Burst coins. I went back to my Burst Wallet site and refresh the page. I had to log in with my passphrase, but that's when I notice I got a different Burst Wallet Address and new account ID. How can I fix it or should I continue with the new account ID?

  • Hey Ramon, welcome 🙂 It seems like there is space in front or behind (or in between) the passphrase you put in, this will therefore open up a whole new account.

  • I did not add space. I just copy and paste to log in with my passphrase.

  • @Ramon32842016 said in I have a probelm with Burst Wallet:

    I did not add space. I just copy and paste to log in with my passphrase.

    It comes down to you having logged in with two different passphrases (every passphrase is linked to a unique account). Therefore you must have done it either the first time or the times you tried to log in into the same account afterwards. If you are sure that you are putting in the right passphrase right now, then try to put some spaces behind/front to see if you can connect to the old account.

  • By adding spaces I got a new wallet account which I tried to get my old wallet account but did not work.

  • Hmmm then I'm not sure what to do. You didn't have any burst deposited or anything right? Maybe smart to just start off clean, be sure about the passphrase etc. Just ask if there are any questions!

  • Happens to most people, including me when I was a super newb to Burst. If there's no burst in there, just start off with a clean slate. And there's an option to add your wallet passphrase to your wallet so that you will not waste your time copy pasting from a notepad or anywhere else.



    The images are pretty self-explanatory, I think. 🙂

    Happy Bursting!

  • admin

    @jervis better you update your Client. New features and so on 🙂

  • @daWallet How can i back up my local wallet? I dont want to download it again 😞

  • @jervis If you download the new version and install it on the same folder the old one was, it will override the files and your database and saved account will still be there 🙂

  • @Zeus I'm not using the installed version. I'm the using the master wallet. Can I override that?

  • @jervis I successfully download the Burst Client for Win. Also, I add my current Burst address as shown in your screenshot by adding my Passphrase. However, I don't see my current Burst address when I log in Burst Client Win. Are there more steps that I don't to complete adding my Burst address?

  • @Ramon32842016 I might be able to answer that.

    • Load your wallet (in red). The wallet will auto copy the info into your clipboard for 30 seconds.
    • Then right click in the white box (light blue box) and paste the info into the box.
    • Then press on the arrow (yellow box).


    Once you are in the wallet your Burst Address will be on the upper left side of the window


    Hope that helps. 🙂