Miner closing during the night ?

  • Hi, I have tried running the miner/wallet client on 2 machines now and both closed during the night when i was sleeping.

    Both machines where still operating fine but no signs of the client running.

    The computers are set to always be on apart from monitor to turn off after 10 minutes.

    Anyone else had similar problems, maybe a setting in the client i have missed ?

    Burst_Wallet is what i am using, all in one wallet/plotter/miner.

  • @Snoops Maybe there was a power cut during the night ? Or the computers restarted because of an update ? Anyway I have never heard of a setting in the client that would cause this

  • @Snoops maybe it's an update. Anyways, what pool are you in? Maybe it's a pool issue. As far as I know, there's no closing on "night time" because a night in your place might be a day on other places like where the pool is located. 🙂

  • No power cut and as far as i know there was no updates.

    Strange how i tried it on 2 different machines and it did the same both times.

    I am on the burstcoin.biz pool.

    I will leave it running and keep an eye on it again.

  • @Snoops never happened that to me, even if the server was on a folk or the pool closed or similar, the miner window is still there 😃

  • I've had it happen to me twice. Once it was windows updating which I didn't want. Thanks Microsoft! The other time I wasn't sure what happen but figured it was Microsoft update thing again. I've disabled it and have had no problems since then.

    Let us know if it happens again.