Several questions from a NewB

    1. is there a way for the local wallet not to download the blockchain? I don't need the local wallet

    2. My drive C: is reaching max capacity and i'm not even plotting it. is burst is storing data in C:? I deleted C:\Burst already and it's still, whenever I plot a cloud drive, the available capacity in C: shrinks. What file/folders should I delete in C: to free up the space?

    3. If I want to remove Burst, I just have to delete [Drive]:\burst folder? are there other folders I should be aware of? I don't have the appdata\roaming\ burst wallet data. Since I opened the burst wallet in D, it just stayed there and created the burst_db in that same folder.

    4. I can plot up to 100% for cloud drives, I'm using net drive for that. but it doesn't finish plotting. I have to disconnect from the internet to get "finished plotting" result. why is that?

    5. And after getting successful plots on D:, I tried to mine at but I don't have deadlines. please see photo. I know the overlapped drives of F & G, they are cloud drives from dropbox & will have to replot them again but I'm afraid if I do, drive C: will reach maximum capacity as I mentioned in item # 2. if you need to check stats or something, my burst is : BURST-47AF-RHWX-3FL6-8JM33

    I can't seem to search these topics here, anyway I would appreciate the help. 1_1473957133076_burst mine1.png 0_1473957133076_burst mine.png

  • Update: now, it became 0.54 Mb/s...

    0_1473958398266_burst mine2.png

    2. your cloud drive have a copy at your drive C: for sync. check it.
    3. yes
    4. make plot at local drive and then move it to cloud
    5. 163Gb - it's too low for finding deadlines, need more plots. net-drive is very slow

  • @jmame

    1. No there isn't... You could download the blockchain from and extract the blockchain files to burst_db folder manually (is way faster...)
    2. as @blago said your cloud drive is emulated on drive C so in reality you are plotting on C and when the plot is finished NetDrive send them to your cloud...
    3. as @blago said... you have a tutorial that i made here:
    4. it doesn't finish plotting because NetDrive is too slow, again like @Blago said (LOL) you have to plot on your PC and then send it to the drive, but if you try you will notice that by the NetDrive it will look very fast but when reach 99% is actually when you start sending the file for the cloud and it will take hours to send to the drive, besides the upload will fail a lot of times because it will give a timeout error, so just send them through your browser instead of through NetDrive (i give this advise on the tutorial)...
    5. like @blago said 163Gb is too low, you may be capable of mining in some other pool that is not NINJA or US pool just for test and for the fun with that plot size!