What Do You Want To Buy????

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    Hi everyone!

    Right now there a few items up for sale on the market. If I had the coin and a beard I would buy them for sure. But I don't and that makes me sad. Yet, I am open to buying other things that someone could supply. But, what are we interested in buying? What is the community interested in buying?

    Let us know what you are willing to buy from this market place. Since there are different laws from country to country and state to state let's keep it safe and legal. Also, let us know what you have for sale. Are you a guru in code or html? Got a fiverr site that offers something and are willing to be paid in burst? Let us know!

    If you need something near the ocean, pictures, or stamps then I am your guy!!
    I live near the ocean and can get anything that pops up on the beach lol. I was actually thinking of making necklaces and bracelets out of the random stuff I find on the beach but figured no one would buy it. Would you? I also enjoy taking photos. I can supply you with photos of things in my area if you need it. I also have an old collection of stamps if anyone is interested in buying some.

  • @socalguy i think services are something that could have a big potential on the marketplace...

  • I've got 2 domain names that I no longer use. I'd sell them for the right price.


  • I'd buy a seashell neckless from ya. Just the idea of having something to buy with Burstcoin is way cool.

    Curious what to you want for your domain name(s)?


  • @socalguy Where do you live is it anywhere at all near Hayward, California ?????????

  • I Live in Brazil, so, the market is a bit complicated for me. What I buy from US sometimes are retrogames :D Like Sega Genesis games. Man, I love the 80' and 90's games. If someone has games or consoles and wanna sell for Burst, we can talk :D But you have to send to Brazil O.o

  • Damn ok thanks

  • @Njcfamily31907 said in What Do You Want To Buy????:

    Hayward, California

    I live in San Diego, CA

  • @socalguy i need a server picked up and packaged and taken to a ups store for shippment ( which will be pre-paid )

  • @Njcfamily31907 Is it in San Diego?

  • @socalguy No it is in Hayward, Ca

  • I do have something in mind that is either recreational or medical in my and all the surrounding states ;)

    I have a new 10/22 barrel around 7" for a Ruger Charger and a trigger group. Great for a 3d print project. Figured I'd put it here before it goes to ebay.

  • @socalguy Looking for some Amber Leaf Tobacco ( 5 x 50g ) pack. If anyone can provide for 35 Euro inc post & packaging to Ireland, then they have a regular buyer.

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