Funding a Market Account to buy Burst with alt Coin

  • This is an update of the original article written here over 2 months ago:

    What's new in this version?

    • Which Market Account to use and why?
    • Reviews of numerous faucet / generators as ranked by me with Pro's and Con's

    The original article utilized C-Cex but I have since stopped depositing funds into this mark and am now using Poloniex. Poloniex from a total market perspective has a couple of differences of note

    • Total market transaction for Burst are much greater than C-Cex
    • The lending function allows for small growth during sags and spike (.06% daily with BTC)

    If you don't have a account I recommend you secure one if you wish to follow these example. After logging into Poloniex from the top menu bar select.

    Balances -> Desposits and Withdraws
    As you can see from the screen shot I filtered on BTC and that will be the only currency I focus on for this tutorial.


    Write down or copy and paste your deposit address to a notepad file you will be using it a ton. Any site that asks for your BTC address you enter what you copied to this notepad. Also please check the note at the very end about a disposable email account.

    We will be using Faucet Box as a collector of funds to transmit to the exchange as that will allow us to create an aggregate. Next is a list of sites that I have used, the good and the bad. I'll tell you why each one is good and bad. I have included in the links my referral address, if you find this article useful please feel free to say thank you by utilizing the links.

    The sites will be listed in my opinion from best to worst.

    1. CetoBeto - A pokemon based BTC generator. This is the replacement site for the team that originally brought you DonaldCoin. They have corrected their ToS violation and moved forward.

    The Good:

    • Brought to you by a team that had lots of success in the past
    • Limited amount of advertising
    • Non-Difficult Captcha
    • Multiple Ways to "earn" BTC
    • Adhoc payments to Faucetbox with 1K minimum

    The Bad:

    • Requires a valid email address to confirm your first payout.***
    • Takes about 3 days to get to "full speed"
    1. Moon Bitcoin - Another BTC generator over time

    The Good:

    • Single easy to use Captcha
    • Bonus payouts grow by 1% a day
    • Direct to Account payouts with no fee

    The Bad:

    • Requires a valid email address to confirm your first payout.***
    • Payouts are weekly (not at thresholds)
    • 10K Satoshi Minimum
    1. Free Bitcoin - A Random number generator that awards BTC based on your roll
      While I have never hit the Mega payout I have hit a payout better than the minimum and got paid 3K for a single click. I do dream of the MEGA payout while I drink my coffee.

    The Good:

    • Potentially MEGA high payout 33m Satoshi
    • Long term reward program with points
    • Extra bonus shot with a weekly lottery where tickets are provided based on your use

    The Bad:

    • Once a Week payout
    • High threshold (25K minimum)
    1. Shaman's Coin - A speedy BTC coin generator

    The Good:

    • Fast Coin generator (6 satoshi p/ min)
    • Adhoc payment to FaucetBox once your over 3K Satoshi

    The Bad:

    • Painful two step Captcha
    • Poor placement of Ads
    1. Big Faucet - Click and go payout system
      This was one of my favorites but appears to be currently broken. If it ever comes back it will come up much higher in the list.!25178!7493!0

    The Good:

    • Pays directly to Faucet box
    • Chance for a Bonus Button

    The Bad:

    • Yeah it's not working right now

    This list is not comprehensive by any means but these are sites I have real world experience with. There is more payout than a single faucet can produce and it's what I do when I'm bored.

    *** Giving out my email account is something I don't do lightly. I would never provide my real email account to any systems I have in this list. I utilize HMA Email, a free service that allows user to setup 30 days email accounts that are free and get destroyed, say good bye to spam. Link for easy access:

  • @IceBurst On cetobeto good things you can add: the new feature that allows you to attack and earn extra coins and the offers wall (PTC) that allows you other extra coins...

    I use CetoBeto (actually i'm a refer of yours xD), Shamans Coins (@bytheseaster refer xD) and Wild coins too ( and get in average between 10k to 15k satoshis a day so do this allows you to get a some extra Burst...

    I use freebitcoin and freedogecoin (, the good thing of freedogecoin compared with the freebitcoin is that the payout minimum is 5 Doge and i get around 100 doge a day so each 3 days i get around 0.0001BTC from that Doge that i claim there...

    And i found out another one that is real great because it allows you to earn by playing simple games like pac man style, flappy bird style, buble shooter style and more ( the only bag thing i found out about this last one is that the payout is at 50'000 satoshis but is great to spend some time xD

    If you register in any of this sites please use my referral link, you would not loose anything with that and i could actually earn some coins every now and then, and i actually have a policy that is give arround 20% of my earnings for good referrals so is actually a way of earning some more... For instance @IceBurst has earned some coins because of my referrals since i am a referral of him myself in the cetobeto xD