Should all go to Ninja pool

  • Seems ridiculous but that where most the blocks go. <<<that is helping burst for sure

    Block 273831 to Block 273869 out of 38 blocks Ninja didnt get 11
    5, 1,1 went to the Ninja clones and the rest to solo miners.

    I know there are good days and bad but overloading the network is going to drive people away. There should be a capacity cap on each pool
    to spread this out. What would happen to a one pool cryptocurrency ? I had high hopes for burstcoin!

  • the ninja pool is a whale pool from my understanding of it , people with like 25tb are there , but i see where you're going with this thought mining within two months i have had 3 blocks of my own mining with bizcoin

  • im on tross...good payout with my ~35TB. similar to ninja with fewer miners. the only thing to work to move miners is to drastically reduce deadline time....

  • @tross yes it was great if all pools could get the exact same power like if all people with more than let's say 15 or 20 Tb could spread their power and mine in a lot of pools at the same time...
    Imagine that you are allways mining in all pools, you'll win every block! I think this way the power will be much more spreading through all the pools and i think it could enlarge the payments for all the miners at the same time...

  • I have been with since February this year ,back when the difficulty was 2tb or so. I remember when Ninja pool was being broke up and was created. The idea was to keep the large miners in one pool and middle miners in another and eventually a small miner pool.

    I never understood this concept! It was made to fail. Ok Bitcoin aint much different but this isnt Bitcoin! This was a new concept in mining that anyone with free space could participate. If Burst is to spread to all parts of the world reaching many different places why is the bulk of the hash power in one place. What does burst have to offer the little guy?

  • @tross Okay. So, we have to call in an inquest of burst whales. Calling all whales out there. Heed our call! An inquiry and comments were made. We summon you to bless us with your presence.