Open Note to Crowetic

  • Hey C -
    You've done an awesome job with Burst.
    My only concern is you might be trying to bite off more than you can perfect.

    Burst needs to perfect one thing that it does better than any other coin, so much so, that no one would dare compete. The mining is good for now, but what is after the mining?

    What is the one feature that Burst can perfect? - that one "thing" that the current and future community can really sink it's teeth deep into, and know nothing will be better?

  • I agree.
    The tag line of Jack Prescott, a bankruptcy attorney in Minnesota is -
    "This is all we do, and we do it well."

  • I slightly agree but we shouldn't silo ourselves into one thing.

    I think the bigger question we should ask ourselves is,

    What have I done to move the coin forward?

    For example, I looked up twitter accounts and only find seven accounts tied to Burstcoin. Also, the tweets about Burstcoin are very low. If the the top posters on this site would create an account and tweet just once a day, that would increase our exposure tremendously.

    @nimbletoes will also post things regarding Burstcoin on the Poloniex Trollchat. Which also gives us exposure. If 10 people can do that once a day that would give us another boost in exposure.

    @crowetic and the admins are doing a lot. There are also users here that jump in and help as much as they can. Yet, I think the community as a whole needs to step up its game.

    That is why I have personally created a twitter account and will post on it regarding Burstcoin as much as I can. I'm also trying to create content for the forum so that others have more to read than just mining related posts. Reading the same thing over and over again gets boring.

    I challenge each person who reads this post to visit Twitter, create an account, and begin tweeting about Burst. Not sure what to tweet about?

    Things to tweet about.

    • How much Burst you made today.
    • The current price of Burst.
    • An interesting topic on this forum?
    • How much you are excited about Burst.
    • How to mine videos.
    • The recent video @crowetic came out with.

    Twitter is just tip of the iceberg as to what we can do to move the coin forward. Plus it doesn't cost a thing. Maybe an hour but that's easy. Plus you can sign up anonymously.

    Sorry for the long rant. I'm passionate about the coin and I've had a lot of coffee today. haha

  • @socalguy I did not gather from your musings what Burst stands for - what it is does better than anyone else.
    You can't blast the marketplace without a clear-cut vision for the present and the future.
    What is Burst beyond the mining?

  • @socalguy what's your twitter account for burst so when i create an account, i have to automatically follow you. 🙂

  • Still waiting for @crowetic response - the open note is not addressed to @socalguy.
    He has done less than nothing to convince me of the Burst Future.

  • @nimbletoes said in Open Note to Crowetic:

    Still waiting for @crowtic response

    Try to write his nickname right and he might respond 🙂 @crowetic

    My guess is android mining that doesn't kill your android equipment like any PoW would. This is such an extremely useful concept that can reach farther around the world than any crypto has so far done.

  • @Propagandalf Once the mining is complete, what will Burst offer, other some half-baked exchange (claiming to replace the Stock Market) with assets no one really cares about?

  • @Propagandalf correction made. hopefully he is bigger than not responding because of a typo in his username.

  • @nimbletoes Once mining is complete, you will still have transaction fees. If Burst goes as far as I believe it will, there will be so many users performing transactions and the value of Burst will be so high, that the miners will perhaps be making more money after the last coin has been mined.

    I don't quite see what is half-baked about the exchange, and no one claimed that it will replace the stock market, but it has the potential to do so. Many, many Burst users cherish several of the assets provided in the AE, so your claim does not really hold. The AE seems to become more and popular, actually. I love it!

    @Propagandalf correction made. hopefully he is bigger than not responding because of a typo in his username.

    LoL, I don't think that would be a reason not to respond, but since he is a busy man he might not see your post if you don't directly tag him. Also, this forum is not hosted by Crowetic himself, but he pops by whenever he can it seems, and answers people as well.

  • @Propagandalf

    I wonder why no other alternatives to Burst coin are out there for HDD mining. I know cloud storage can rent outr space via a decentralised network and smart contracts but no other real 100% competitor that I know of.

    That may spice things up.

    My 2 cents!

  • @nimbletoes I think Asset, as you said, no one thinks about because it has not taken a real world application yet. But think about this, and I've been thinking of this a lot in the past few days, what if bursters has a thinking of corporate people. I mean, yeah, we could be rich when we hit millions of coins and the value hits $1 per coin. But, what's after that when the mining has been exhausted.

    So, I'm thinking of the Asset that my team has been managing to put it to the next level when the value gets higher. I know it's a long way to go when I only have 1000+ assets sold. But hey, the owner of the biggest malls in Asia was once a shoemaker in a slum area.

    If we could only put Burst into a real world application, this will be a great opportunity for us all. BTC has been able to integrate itself into businesses. We can also do that but that would make us a BTC-wannabe. So, instead of integrating into businesses, let's start our own businesses in which we accept Burst as payments. Maybe a coffee shop or a convenience store. We never know what will happen next. Real world application in different countries will make our Asset Exchange relevant.

  • My twitter is

    I was going to respond but I don't want to create drama. I'll go back to eating dinner. It's spaghetti night. 🙂

  • @nimbletoes I think more in the AE as a way of you create a business inside Burst world not as something that will replace the stock market exchange but i think it's possible when burst have a big value as Wall Street guys have an area just for BTC stocks maybe they will have Burst in there too in some years... So not replace the Stock Market Exchanges but be integrated in that stock market?! You most likely will find @crowetic more often in the because he is a busy guy?! xP