Crowdfund BurstCoinFund project

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have started the crowdfund BurstCoinFund. My plan is to take all Burst Coin proceeds and invest it in drives and create a huge mining rig. In doing so I will give back to each person that donated a percentage of burst I mine after expenses. I set the goal at 10million burst and so far i have over a million pledged after being up for 1 day. my question is how do I get the burst? I see it pledged in my CF but it is not in my wallet. Also when people donate to me will I be able to see their address and how much they donated? That way I can allocate the correct percent to each person. Thank you for your support and lets bring Burst to be one of the top contenders!

  • Thats a great idea!

    I actually had the same question. How do I obtain the Burst from the crowdfund? Do I have to wait for it to be successfully funded?

  • @mrusso Never had a successful CF to answer if you will see everyone's burst address but I don't think.

    You won't get any Burst until it gets to the goal, so if you don't reach the target, you will not receive any.

    What I think you wanted to do was an asset, that way you can pay dividends depending on the % each person gave at first, it's not a donation, but it makes more sense for what you want.

    But, I'm pretty sure you will be more likely of someone wanting to donate some Burst to you via CF than trusting an Asset as you are relatively new, and we got some trouble with that lately 🙂 So maybe stick with the CF, for now, hehe.

  • @Zeus Thanks for your answer. If the CF is not funded does the burst return to the person that donated it?

  • admin

    @mrusso Yes.

  • ok cool, because i would feel bad lol. Aside from forums and just having my CF up how else could I promote my CF? I think this would b an awesome idea for Burst in general. with that much burst raised I could make a huge rig and increase the network dramatically as well as give back to the people that invested.