BurstMining Club Helping Hand

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    CrowdFunding Name: BurstMiningClubGPU (you may search for it in the Crowdfunding page below)
    Crowdfunding page for those who are able to help:

    To increase the profitability of the BurstMC asset with the least operating cost as our primary concern, we have decided that we will upgrade our GPU from a GTX660 to a GTX1080 which will reward all asset holders with a long term increase in dividends overall.

    The upgrade is essential due to the current hardware bottleneck when the mining process is taking place, slowing down the overall productivity and global output of newly mined burst. Our requirement is to raise a total of 500,000 BURST to cover the cost of the hardware which will be integrated into our current setup immediately.

    Due to the sudden increase of individuals now mining burst, we need to stay competitive. Factors such as plot size, timing and resource management are a major contributing factor here.

    We are excited to increase our profitability as an asset and personally thank all who will assist us in our very important growth stage of this Burst Asset that is gaining in popularity with the Burst community.

    As an added bonus, I am prepared to do the following service as well for our community. I will use the aforementioned GPU to help any Burst Member that is having difficulty plotting by offering to plot their drive for free for them providing they are willing to pay return shipping (shipping locations both in Canada and USA are available)

    Once again, thank you for all your support !!