burstgames 'Hack Attempt Saved' messages

  • Hi Team- Is anybody else getting this message while spinning and while setting up the burst wallet address?


  • I know my friend does when he does this on his phone(android). I have never received this message on my setup though(firefox +windows 10).

  • @samreader1 They are coming to get you

  • Yeah I see that every time I go to the site.

  • just tested to see if I did. I also got the same message

    Tried spinning again and got that I, already did my spin today

  • Hello guys, this is because the site didn't finish loading your info, so it logs it as a hack attempt, but then it sees that It's not a hack and "spin" the wheel lol, this will be removed in the new version of burst games that is coming soon 🙂

    Don't worry about the message; the log is deleted as soon as the server load your data and see that it's you that's trying to spin ^_^

    only 3 hack attempts logged and users banned since the beginning of burst games, so not that bad 😛

    I will publish a message soon in the forums about what's coming next and a preview of the new design, I've been working on this for some time and very excited to show you guys some news, that's why I've been so away these days, with my day job and my work on Burst Games, I don't have time to help in the forums or chat 😕