CF: Implementing Burst Crowdfund directly into the Wallet

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    Hey guys,

    as you probably know Burst has a decentralized Crowdfunding feature. It is based on Automated Transactions and works very good.

    Problem is, that we have not many Web Developers in the Team and nobody feels in charge or has time to implement the Crowdfund.html directly into the Wallet.

    As you know the Win Client has a separate tab and a page for Crowdfund. This solution is not ideal and I want to put an end to that.

    The Crowdfund should be as nicely implemented as the Asset Exchange. I‘m going to find a developer, explain him what we want and pay him with the crowd-funded money.

    I try to keep the costs as low as possible, but I guess it will cost between $ 300 and $ 600. Therefore my goal is to collect 1 Million Burst.

    If funds are left over after finishing the project I‘m going to send them back to you according to your contributed share.

    To Do List:

    • implement the CF feature into the main Wallet
    • add “hiding” possibilities for certain Cfs (hide ‘test’ CFs)
    • add “hiding” possibilities for all CFs from one Account (spam protection)

    Do you have any other ideas or wishes?

    If someone in the community has the skills to do the Job and claim the funds – you are very welcome.
    0_1474294182350_Bildschirmfoto vom 2016-09-19 16:06:20.png

    Name: ImplementingCrowdfund
    Address: BURST-2KSE-XTPY-Q5H3-E5NVE  (Burst Address of the CF) 

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    I pledged what I could. Good luck! 🙂

  • i'd love to see a rep system of sorts added to the CF feature , you can drop your favoirte CF's a like raising it's rep maybe even giving it a rank or sorts , i don't know just throwing it out there

  • This is so cool 🙂

  • Funded, Out of curiosity how many active developers are currently working on burst? I have been looking for a good crypto to do some developing on and BURST seems to be going places

  • @daWallet Cool... I will through some coins in there xD

    @dagentlemang actually i like that reputation idea...
    @alexclarkbarry Cool man... I hope you can help with some development too! I don't know how much active dev's are but you can use to contat the dev's community, they usually are around there...

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    Woow, it got funded so fast! Thanks for all the contributions! I will get this going now.


    It is difficult to say - there are different layers that are being developed. (Core, Application, Tools, Miners, Plotters, Services ... )
    And how to define developer? I would estimate around 10 people but time is always scarce.

    There is sooo much room for everybody to develop something here - we could use an army of coders.

    Just do what you feel comfortable with. You're welcome.

  • @daWallet hmm then i guess i will not throughing that coins since i didn't done it yet xD
    I loved that army of coders expression xP

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    This project is almost finished. One known bug left.

    If someone wants to check out the code and test it, shoot me a PM.

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    It is 99% finished.

    I'm open for suggestions which position the CF should take in the sidebar navigation.
    My personal opinion: Below Asset Exchange and above Market Place.

  • @daWallet Nice job ! The position you suggested sounds good to me. But as the list on the left will be getting longer, some elements will be hidden due to the limitations of my screen's size. I like to have my wallet in the windowed mode and sometimes it's a little annoying to have to go fullscreen to access some info like contacts or messages.

  • beautiful job @daWallet this was a feature i was looking forward to. I think where you put it is fine as well, though i do think assets should be higher on the list

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    Ok, the implementation will be available for the new Burst Wallet 1.2.7.

    You can beta test it by replacing the /html folder in with these new files: