Asset idea - need a good debate here

  • Ok folks, i need the community to throw the ball around with me a little bit on an asset idea/concept that i'm looking to make an maybe perfect with your help.

    So my girlfriend has surprisingly much time on her hands lately. I thought the woman some tricks of my trade and she's kind of a wild card trader. She loves to take high risks but does a surprisingly good job. Her daily returns vary in the area of 3 - 15 % depending on what mood she's in that day and how much she's willing to trade. You know women, they be crazy and moody 🙂 , and mine's no different.

    Anyway, i was thinking of turning her talent into an asset. The asset would have limited growth so it doesn't disrupt the other assets ecosystem. Also, because it is a very high risk/high return asset i'm thinking of pricing it in the area of 1000 burst a share, and the shares will have ZERO decimals, meaning that you will not be able to buy fractions of it.

    The reason for the high price is that i would like to involve just the ones that can afford to take a loss if it comes to that, and also afford to gamble a bit of money for the potential of high returns.

    There's also the idea of compensation. She would be willing to do it, but in order to keep her interested in doing it, she retains 50% of the profits. That's not up for debate. However, if the asset works out we would like one of our fellow members to join in and diversify the stream of income. We already know who it will be, but will not reveal his identity until the moment he joins in. If that particular member joins, my girlfriend will split her ''fee'' with him, so they both cash in 25% of the income, and 50% gets paid out to the shareholders.

    Aside from what i just explained, i need to explain why i agreed to take part in this experimental asset. First of all, i like the concept and want to see an asset that will be open to heavy price speculation due to the earnings and the limited shares that will be on the market. There's also more factors that open a huge speculation gateway: shares release and number will be random, and the price of release starts from 1k burst the first wave, but will adapt to market demand prices each new release. Also, dividend release will be random : it can be few times a day, or once every few days. That again is for the same reason.

    So, i need input. I want to debate this concept and i want to know if people would be interested in such a thing.

  • @nameless I like your concept of this PAMM-ish accounts, and i would be interested, although i think you could lower the initial price per asset a bit because i don't have such big numbers on my account and i'll be willing to take the risk of loss with lower values most of the times...

  • @gpedro noted. I'll take that into consideration.

  • I'd have to see a picture of your girlfriend first before I would feel qualified to comment -
    don't tell me I'm the first to think it.

  • @nimbletoes and how would you tell she is my girlfriend? i could take any pic off the net and post it... 😃 . And on the perverted side of your question, the answer is : she's surprisingly hot 😛

  • @nameless we could allways see if you were scamming people with that foto with a google image search xD but of course you could always take a picture of any girl on the street xD

    P.S: I bet if you didn't wrote she's surprisingly hot you were sleeping in the couch tonight ahahah
    Just kidding!! ;P

  • @nameless I guess my request assumed I trusted you -
    I'm not given to the criminal element of lying.

    Just wanted to create a subtext, since guys are more visual.

  • Pictures are so yesterday. We are going to need to see some video. haha j/k

    On serious note,
    0_1474311063951_too damnhigh.jpg

    It would be nice to see some her past trades.

  • Yes, I would feel more imbued with confidence if you just put your investment plan out there -
    Asking what we think, creates the impression of self-doubt, which in turn causes others to doubt, no matter how confident you are in your project.

  • @socalguy Hahaha nice meme !
    @nameless If I understand, we should expect a ROI of around 1,5-7,5% a day ? That's around 100% in a month if all goes well... That's so damn high !

  • @General-Executor I don't fully agree with you... this like pre-anns gives the asset issuer a better perspective of the market acceptance and gives some free publicity to the asset release, helping smaller investors to could have a share and the big ones the capacity to express themselfs and spoke about their justice...!

  • @gpedro Isn't the free exchange of ideas and opinions a wonderful thing?

  • @Gadrah_ said in Asset idea - need a good debate here:

    @socalguy Hahaha nice meme !
    @nameless If I understand, we should expect a ROI of around 1,5-7,5% a day ? That's around 100% in a month if all goes well... That's so damn high !

    If you count 1.5% a day will give you 45% monthly... Still to damn high xD

  • @socalguy this is what the woman did today :


    some fields are hashed out for security. i published something like this in the past and with that data someone managed to trace back to me and hacked me. i left in what was relevant.

    @General-Executor it's not an issue of self doubt. Like @gpedro said, i want to know how people feel about the concept if i am ever to turn it into an asset.

    @Gadrah_ the ROI is high as fuck but comes with great risk as well. She could close one day in a loss and no payouts will be made till she recovers the account first. Or ... it can all go to shit in a few very bad trades. That's why i warn everyone to only invest in this if they're willing to take the gamble.

    Oh and the profit you see in the pic is from her 10k dollars forex account.

  • @nameless Cool... 1.5% today xP

  • @gpedro day's not over 🙂

  • @nameless for sure... mine have some hours left too but i don't make those profits at least for now xD

  • One thing that just crossed my mind is to only release new shares once the asset earned a full 100% . Once it earned 100% , a new wave can be released, and then wait again till 100% , and so on. Thoughts?

  • @nameless It's a way of having a good growing module i like it... What will influence the price of each asset after the first release? just the burst value right?