What Skills Do You Have That Can Benefit Burstcoin?

  • I'm taking a course on Java because I thought maybe I can create some apps for Burst and other ideas I have roaming around my head. What skills could folks learn that would benefit the coin?

  • @socalguy I know a fair amount of java and c# but I dont have many ideas.

  • @rapidfireman If you have time to spare you can open a post saying your skills are and probably someone will reply you there with some idea and maybe some help too... Maybe this could come out with something great that benefits the value of Burst, your value to the comunity and maybe even you could gain some burst from the ideas that could came out from there... I'm actually looking for help of some webdeveloper so we can lauch some projects that i have in mind?!

  • That's awesome @rapidfireman. Take a look at the crowdfunding area. I think there are still programs that need to be built but don't have anyone to do it. LINK

    I personally would like a way to auto tweet Burst' s current buy from coinmarketcap, poloniex, or any website that will allow it. Kind of like Coindesk does on Twitter.

    Yesterday, I created my first program.

    class MyClass {
    	public static void main(String[] args){
    		System.out.println("Hello World");

    My hope diving into the world of java. 🙂
    alt text

  • @socalguy I always smile when i see a Hello World! xD

  • Remember that people can contribute with other things than coding and such. For example, there is always a need for translation of Burst-related content into various languages. Everyone can share information about Burst through social media, tell friends about it and so forth. Also, the dev team is always open for good ideas that are brought to them. The more everyone contributes, the higher the likelihood of mass adoption of Burst.