• Asset id : 12427301476308139534
    Release share price : 10 BURST
    Total shares: 50.000
    Asset decimals: 0

    So what is 500k ?

    I recently came up with a concept of an asset that is supposed to be heavily speculated and fun. I'm a huge fan of concepts :)
    My girlfriend, bless her little heart, has agreed to help me out.
    Just like me, she trades for a living. Well, she does it part-time, but still. What's different is that she's a bit more of a wild card than me and likes to take higher risks for higher reward potential.

    So we decided to pull together an asset.

    We're auctioning off her account, which has 500k BURST in it. Acc address is : BURST-LV46-2AYJ-ZYRH-72ADB

    What happens is, after the shares of the asset are sold, she will use the 450k BURST raised (5% of the shares are given to her for doing this) to trade in her wild card style, but the initial 500k remain in the account. So whoever invests, invests in an asset that is 100% backed right from the start.

    At the end of each day, or every few days, she will withdraw profits to the account, so remember to check in from time to time :) . From those profits, a part will be paid out as dividend, and the rest stay.

    If/when she makes a massive mistake in trading, the asset will be liquidated and she will buy back all the shares with the money that is in the account at that point.

    The concept of the asset is that initial investors will earn the most. Also, because of the transparency of the back-up , the market bids and asks can be formed accordingly buy the investors and gives a huge range to raw, pure speculation.

    So whoever buys from other people after all shares are sold, remember to look into the account, and do the math on what you think is a reasonable amount to buy at. You will most likely buy with a premium, but remember, the asset is fully backed and pays a dividend.

    Happy speculations folks! I'm looking forward to having fun with this asset. And please give out a thanks to the woman for helping me make this concept a reality :)

    You can follow the progress of the asset under this spreadsheet :

  • @nameless
    Would you be able to transfer the 500k to an escrow instead of holding them yourself. It would make your asset a very secure investment and would probably make it very attractive compared to a lot of new assets.

    Edit: I'm holding 500 000 Burst in escrow for this asset. The escrow can be view and verified here: BURST-FSEZ-284V-LNXV-AFEX9

  • Tweeted, good luck!
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  • @FrilledShark that's a great idea. Would you care to hold it in escrow?

  • @nameless Yeah, I could do it. My address is: BURST-QUZQ-LMPD-KBWS-EC5FT, but I will first be able to make a dedicated wallet tomorrow, so I show total transparency.

  • @FrilledShark we'll wait till you get the dedicated wallet and i'll send the 500k over then.

    So it's settled folks :) . @FrilledShark is our escrow

  • I've updated the asset id : 12427301476308139534

    45.000 shares are now up for sale

  • @nameless Yay, I got me some ! I feel lucky :D

  • @nameless The only thing is, at this price and quantity, I expect a whale to buy the totality of the shares... But let's wait and see !

  • @Gadrah_ there's no doubt someone will whale it up and resell at a higher price. That's part of my concept. PURE RAW SPECULATION

    It also needs to make people decide what a reasonable price will be to buy at in the future. The asset is very complex in its apparent simplicity. You can call it a teaching/earning asset. That's why i'm willing to do it with no gain and guaranteeing the initial investment with my own money, because i'm in love with my concept :D

  • @nameless Oh yeah that's exciting ! I'm waiting for a polo withdrawal right now to buy some more shares ;)

  • @Gadrah_ haha. i always said not to put all your money in one single basket, but i guess in this case, your money is pretty much guaranteed given that we have escrow and a 100% backing up :)

  • @nameless That's why I didn't hesitate (and because of your reputation on the forum and with newsilver), I'm good for now with 5k shares. Wish your gf good luck ! There are times when I feel blessed for being on the forum at the right time haha

  • Banned

    @nameless Is the escrow done?

    Just asking but I already bought !!

  • Well, my rep on the forum doesn't mean i'm not a scammer :)

    However, the fact that this asset's funds are held in escrow by another super reputable member removes the scammy aspect of it :)

    Plus, i'm soon to drop some big news all over the place to further show how dedicated i am to silver and the coins it's in. More to come very soon :)

    @Focus the escrow is not done yet. @FrilledShark will soon give me the escrow account address and i'll send over the 500k BURST asap.

  • Banned

    In no way was I questioning your rep but on the contrary, escrowing the funds just solidifies you more.

  • @Focus i know you weren't :) no worries

    I just felt like putting the rep thing out there as well.

  • Ok guys, time for me to hit the hay. It's already tomorrow here where i live :)

    Sorry to leave everyone hanging 2 hours after the new asset launch but i just can't keep my eyes open any more.

  • it looks like someone bought it all, too bad.

  • haha, all gone. good luck to the folks who bought it. @nameless wont disppoint you all!