Possible to mine on Synology Diskstation (DSM) ?

  • I have no idea how to start on this. Anyone has an idea ?

  • @jynson Possible is but i can't help you with that xD i think @haitch has mining with NAS...

    I don't understand nothing about this matter but:

    @haitch said in My mining Rig set up with pictures!:

    HP DL380 G6 ( Dual quad core Xeons + 32GB RAM) running a Solaris clone as the head unit for my Frankenstein storage appliance. It has 7 x 1TB drives locally, and the unit above it connected via a SAS interface to an HP array controller. All the drives are individually presented as RAID 0 disks, then combined into 4 ZFS Pools as RAID 0 stripes . The drive chassis has approx. 55TB in a mixture of drive sizes. In total 5 LUNs are presented by the server. The whole mess is presented to an ESX server (HP Workstation) running VMware over a 40Gb Infiniband connection. The HP Workstation is a dual hex core box with 32GB. The mining VM has 22 vCpus and mines Burst + Eth via a passthru R9-280X.

    I could be very wrong but maybe you know more than me about this xDD

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    @jynson Never used the Synology products, but can't you just map a drive letter to it in Windows ?

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  • @jervis said in Possible to mine on Synology Diskstation (DSM) ?:

    @gpedro I think you shared an alien speech? LOL! No offense @haitch. I just couldn't understand what you just said there. I'm just here to troll. Don't mind me guys. Just go on. 🙂 I'm just chillin'

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  • @ jervis I think you are right it's an alien speech @gpedro posted.

    @haitch you can ma a drive letter , but I want the synology to be the miner , that one is on 24/7 the windows pc is not.

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    @jynson As far as I know the synology doesn't run a general purpose OS - so I doubt it's possible.

  • You can simply map the drives in the Disk Station to Windows. I have a Synology 713+ (2 Drive Bays - 6TB Total) and I have 2 "Drives" mapped on Windows for use as Burst mining plots.

    alt text

    alt text

    The drives S and Y are mapped to the disk station. Now, if your question is can you mine on a Synology DS directly using the DSM and onboard processor, my answer is I have no fuc&$*g clue. I guess you probably could if you tinkered with the command line since it is, after all, a Linux box. Nevertheless, it seems like a huge pain in the ass to try and install everything you need via SSH command line, not to mention the lackluster processors in these boxes-I believe mine has an Intel Atom, with 8GB RAM (I voided my warranty and took out the useless 2GB my 713 came with stock and installed 8GB to help with the frequent disappointing transfer speeds when the DS had 30 packages doing something in the background) when you can simply map the DS drives in Windows and then create plots on them as I did

    Sorry for the long winded answer, but the drive mapping is the simplest solution I know of....there are others, but I could be put on double secret probation if I told you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me here. Take care.



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    @Feltersnatch It would be nice to have a tutorial do mine on Synology DSM directly. If it runs on linux you could try urays cpu miner with command line. It needs almost no RAM at all.

  • @daWallet I'll see what I can come up with for mining directly from the Synology Disk Station via SSH command line....


  • @Feltersnatch Any luck with testing that solution.It woild be briliant to have nas server working 24/7 on its own without the pc.

  • @Ip85
    Yes it is doable on QNAP and Synology boxes to it mine on its own as they offer Virtualization hyper-visor (make your own VM inside the box) and some models offer Ubuntu desktop where you run Burst operations without virtualization. However CPUs of those boxes are not made for such operations thus will result in a very slow operation in plotting and mining.
    I have QNAP 563 box and I made all kinds of testing on it. I decided to use it as External storage and I use external PC to plot and mine the NAS drives.

  • @rnahlawi Ok so it is working but it is not very efficient.Is it possible that new model of Nas would be more reliable?You could plot the hhd on the PC and mine it on the NAS.Cause how I understand it CPU is only essential during ploting not mining?

  • @Ip85
    True, I was plotting using external PC and Mine using VM running on the NAS cause no need for CPU power for mining.

  • I am asking beacause I am in the doorstep of asembling my first mining rig.So I am waiting for black friday to buy some hardware;).I am not experienced at all so I wouldn't be bold enough to buy motherboard, hdd etc and put it together.So the NAS server as a solution sounds quite good.Did you finding it complicated to set up?Plus I could imagine it is more energy efficient than PC (lack of grahpic card at least).

  • @Ip85
    Not at all, configure your NAS drives as JBOD (recommended for Burst), create volume for virtualization and volume(s) for burst mining.
    My box consumes 45W at its peak, while PC consumes ~200W.
    Also, Consider QNAP for this operation (Synology and WDs won't serve you good)

  • What do you think about this baby?
    TS-453A-4G or TS-451A-4G.Both of them are very similiar.Obviously the cheaper one is more interesting and apart of thr price and different cpu I do not see the difference between them.

  • @Ip85
    Build your own NAS using ubuntu server.
    If you're not comfortable with the command line, just install webmin to do all your drive mounting, etc.
    I built my NAS for about $200 (before I got into BURST) and now it runs 24/7 mining my 24TB and drawing 75W
    And dcct compiles just fine.

  • @Ip85
    defiantly TS453A (preferably with 8GB RAM)