Stuck at 60% with GPU plotter

  • One of my HDD ploy have been at 60% for the past 3 hours without moving.

    What do i do ? Reset or wait ?

  • admin

    @BurstL0rd Take a look in Task Manager - if the process is still using a lot of CPU then wait. If the plotter is idle, kill it, delete that plot and start over.


  • Its idle~ it took me nearly 6hrs even on GPU to plot a 1TB hard drive omg..

    Thx for the speedy reply

  • admin

    @BurstL0rd What GPU? 1TB shouldn't take 6 hours. Also, if you have multiple drives you can use the GPU plotter to plot them all simultaneously.


  • Asus HD7750.

    I wanna do it simultaneously, but when ever i open the second one, GPU crashes.

  • admin

    @BurstL0rd Don't open a second instance, you can specify multiple plotfiles on the one command line. You do need to tweak the memory settings though.

  • Sorry to trouble, but do u mind showing me a sample on how to type it in bat file ? thanks alot.

    this would surely help me alot.

  • admin

    @BurstL0rd From one of my plots:

    gpuplotgenerator generate direct o:\4401562696129194441_114049024_8388608_16384 u:\4401562696129194441_106430464_7602176_16384 q:\4401562696129194441_315375616_8388608_16384

    You'll probably need to adjust the final _16384 to a lower number. It's the amount of memory the plot can use, and this was on a machine with a LOT of RAM. How much RAM do you have in the machine you're trying to plot, and how many drives ?

    Oh, and for a 7750 6 hours is on the high side, but not totally unreasonable.


  • Im on 12GB ram. Thx for ur surely save me lots of time now. currently i have 3 more drives waiting to be plotted hahaha

  • admin

    @BurstL0rd with 12GB try 4096 or 8192 instead of 16384.


  • @haitch Actually is there any formula for us to calculate the plot space to maximize its space ? like hw do we calculate ?

  • admin

    @BurstL0rd - Okay, if you want to make the plot the size of your drive:

    • Get the size of your drive in bytes - In windows, Explorer -> Properties will show this to you.
    • Divide that number by 262,144 (The size of one nonce)
    • Divide that number by your stagger size - the last number in the plot file name
    • Round the number down - eg 335,600.152 becomes 335,600
    • Multiply that number by your stagger size.
    • that Number becomes your plot size - the third number in the plotfile name

    The first number is your numeric account number, the second number is your starting nonce number - make sure they don't overlap. eg if your first plot starts at 0 and is 335,600 nonces, the second plot should start at 335,600.


  • Thx for the formula~ gonna rework my old drive once my TB hdd are up

    @haitch , you are really helpful. Thx man.

  • @haitch said:

    335,600 nonces, the second plot should start at 335,600

    Shouldn't the next plot start at 335,601 in order to not overlap?

  • admin

    No, because nonce number starts at 0.

    So last nonce of 335600 nonces is 335599. But you can leave unused spaces, so no big deal to start next nonces at 400000 makes it more easy 🙂

  • @luxe I see your point, thanks for clearing that up! 🙂

  • Hello guys, i get this error [ ERROR][-36][CL_INVALID_COMMAND_QUEUE] Error in step2 kernel finish

    i and pretty sure it because i don't get this part in the readme.

    Modify the [PLATFORM] variable to one of [32] or [64] depending on the target platform.
    Modify the [OPENCL_INCLUDE] and [OPENCL_LIB] variables of the Makefile to the correct path.

    OPENCL_INCLUDE = c:\AMDAPPSDK-2.9-1\include
    OPENCL_LIB = c:\AMDAPPSDK-2.9-1\lib\x86_64

    Run the following commands :

    cd <this directory>
    make dist

    The [dist] folder contains all the necessary files to launch the GPU plotter.

    I have Downloaded and installed msys/mingw. Same with OpenCL.

    however i use Nvidia and not AMD, shouldn't i use some CUDA for that instead of OCL ?

    I just don't understand where to find and modify [PLATFORM] , [OPENCL_INCLUDE] and [OPENCL_LIB]

    and the [dist] folder is it something i can make in CMD when i have this files all setup?

    /confused 😢

  • admin


    The software uses OCL, nvidea implemented it on the top of CUDA i think, so you are kinda using CUDA. However, heard AMD performs better with OCL.

    I just read the docs, and i think you have to modify this file:
    All named variables are in there.

    Never compiled it myself, isn't it enough to download the binaries and nvidea driver from here ?!

    Or do you have a reason why you want to compile it yourself?

    If you just want to use it, do not read the 'build instructions' ... read Setup+How to use.
    Also explained in second part of this video:

  • @luxe @haitch hello, this hadware it s good to mining?? that´s good?

    Processor,AMD A8-7650K (3.3 GHz) Black Socket FM2+ ( 10 Nucleos 4 CPU + 6 GPU) 64bit

    1 x Motherboard Asus A68HM Plus

    2 x Kingston 4GB DDR3 2400MHz HyperX Savage

    windows 10 home edition 64bits pt

    i want to start with this, its less money then Intel I7, this hardware it´s Good, please Help.

    [](link url)

    With this hardware i can Plot 5 western external disk´s 5TB each one at the same time?

  • admin

    @burstcoinPT I've never tried with the AMD integrated GPU, but based on the performance of their AIB cards, I'd expect reasonable performance. I'd suggest more RAM if possible for the plotting phase (not needed for mining). But yes, you could plot all the drives simultaneously with that setup - but you'll need to be careful and test different memory parameters for the memory allocated during plotting. You need to allow less than 1GB per plotting thread to avoid swapping and major problems.