How to filter SCAM Assets out of burstcoin-observer

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    I'm currently planning a mechanism to filter scam/none-active assets out of the asset overview from burstcoin-observer. Just leave me a comment if you have a additional idea/suggestion.

    It will be possible to configure a 'blacklist' Burst AccountId in

    1. Asset Issuer and/or Asset Account can send a message to the blacklist Account from above to de-list/blacklist their own asset.
    2. One or more trusted 'moderator' AccountIds can be configured in, those are also allowed to de-list ANY asset, by sending a message (containing a AssetId) to blacklist Account from above.
    3. A 'direct' blacklist of AssetIds in

    It is a big problem to allow blacklisting but prevent misuse. e.g. blacklisting a competitor asset. So maybe a voting system would be better than the ideas listed above?!

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  • Awesome idea!

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    @luxe I see a possible voting system being abused again. The idea you have know is better.

  • I would recommend a slight modification to the proposed system, not a voting system but instead a threshold system. Meaning once an asset receives so many "scam" markings say it be 3, 5, 10 what ever the number be then it's added to the black list.

    The owner should be allowed to petition, A full life cycle of completed markings as a scam + petition would then require a moderators intervention.


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    @IceBurst Thanks for you suggestion ... i would prefer a mechanism without moderation needed, but i will think about ... hope i find some time on WE.

    Maybe i will allow a whitelist, too. That ignores bad 'comments'.

  • I think your consensus based approach would be best. Also listing any trust related stats (member since, posts, reputation etc...) of the asset issuer would go a long way to help weed out the scammers. Its a complex issue to be sure, you could also confer with a white hat that you trust to see if they can find any issues in whatever solution you decide on.