Newbie here: What is the advantage of larger drives?

  • I have 2 questions really. I think it's critical I list my rig specs as it's an older rig. I'm running a Quadcore 6600 CPU and an Ati Radeon 48xx series GPU. (only 1) I have 4 GB of ddr2 ram and about 50 GB of free space on my hard drive.

    I busted my crypto cherry mining BURST a while back but I devoted almost all of my free 50 GB to BURST and I got tired of running short on HD space. So I sold all my BURST and moved on to another project.

    I still like BURST though. The Current project I'm working on is fairly CPU intensive and I've dedicated 3 of my 4 cores to run it. But since BURST is fairly NON CPU intensive (right?), my theory is that I should be able to mine my new project and BURST.

    Does this make sense? If yes, and my theory is correct that I should be able to run both and they won't really interfere with each other......what benefit would I gain by having multiple HD's devoted to BURST? I was doing ok mining BURST just on the 50 GB of free space I why are all these people investing in Terabyte drives??


  • admin

    @cmbconcretefire The more free space you have to plot, the more chances you have to win the round, the higher your earnings will be. You're going to chew up your CPU while plotting the files, but that's a one off - mining it will be fine.