Making Plots for remainder of hard drive

  • A couple times my gpuplotter has given an error at 98% or higher, luckily running plot checker on the file worked and it simply renamed the file to the correct amount of nonces.

    I know have a couple of hard drives with a bit of space on them because of it, one 2.3GB the other 850MB, should I go make 2 new small plot files to used up this leftover space?

  • admin

    @superskid You could - but I haven't bothered to file the last few MB/GB of my drives. You've plotted the 99.9% of the drive, that left over part - it's more nonces, but .... shrug

  • So last question then, I plot from multiple computers at once and have always started the next plot where the last one ends. Since plotschecker renamed the file I now have a gap between one ending and one starting. Does this matter in any way?

  • @superskid It doesn't matter.
    nonces may be from 0 to 18446744073709551616, so you may create max 4294967296 Pb your own nonces for your ID (2^64 * 4096 * 64 /1024/1024/1024/1024/1024)