Google drive mining

  • Hey guys, so I was reading a couple of days ago and with my infinite google drive I went out to try it, since then I have multiple questions and some nifty features for all of you reading this (you can get infinite amount of space into one drive via netdrive)
    So, I was wondering if I plotted plots for my burst account and someone else mines them with their burst account who would get the reward? And would they give different deadlines per account or is it the same?
    And here's the feature (sortof) I promised, In the tutorial they explain to you that you can get tonnes of drives setup with vm's and 24 drives per vm, While you can also create one shared folder in google drive and upload 15 gb worth of plots to it from your other google drive accounts, it would be in one folder and the gbs get taken from the uploaders quota!
    On that note I have one other question: How would I setup an upload to a folder through my own account (aka my quota being used) without giving people access to my google drive?
    Thanks in advance guys!

  • A plot is specific to the account used to create it. it can only be used to mine by that account and can only be assigned to a single recipient, Solo or Pool at any one time.


  • @RichBC So if someone else has logged in into their wallet and they mine with it, then the reward go to the account which created the plots?

  • @Gapjustin Yes they are mining into your account... and at least that i know about you don't have a way of share your google account with anyone without them knowing your password... If at least google had some kind of lock password but i never heared nothing about this feature in google accounts...

  • glad to see i got you onboard Gap