• Hi guys, I am so seriously new to this process and do have some questions to ask. You guys are really awesome with your support and I really do appreciate it.

    I just started the plotting and mining process and have a question or two that hopefully you can help answer. When I plotted my external drive, I used the assigned drive location identified by my PC. Now, I would like o transfer that drives into a different slot on the PC, which may change the drive location. Since I'm new, I'm afraid to turn off the drive and damage the plot. 1) Will this be an issue? and 2) Will it affect the plotted data on the drive? Or, can something else happen that I may not be aware of? I'm looking forward yo your guidance and thanks again for your support.

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    1. It won't damage the plot - once the plot is written all you're ever doing is reading it.
    2. No, it won't affect the data.

  • @haitch I was hoping for that answer. I started plotting the second drive but I want to move the first drive physically closer to it without issues. Thank you, it's much appreciated.

  • I transfer drives all the time from different PCs therefore drive letters changes. It's okay 🙂