Round time and mining efficiency - advice please

  • Hy guys and good to be here 🙂 This is my first post in a forum and I am new to all this mining activity, so please bear with me. I am sorry in advance for the possible stupid questions, but it`s never to late to learn something new. So I managed somehow, in 4 days, to fix all the errors and startup problems I had with the miner and java and ploting and so on, after watching a lot of youtube videos and reading a bunch on this forum, which is great and extremely helpful, to set up the external 2TB HDD I had and to start mining in burst-team pool. I am so proud of myself. 🙂 But, since I have no idea what the hell am I actually doing and how everything is supposed to work, I would like to ask your opinion on the configuration I have, because I think that maybe there is something I can do to be more efficient in mining. I ploted the 2 TB external hdd ( usb 2.0 ) in one single 2TB plot file and I can achieve with this a 22sec round time. Is this ok? Can this be better? Is there anything I can do to reduce this time? I am using the OpenCL miner from the wallet. The memory usage is very high, almost 90% of the total 8 GB that I have. Is this normal? I will test this for a couple of more days, and if it works fine (which I suppose it will) I might buy an internal SATA 10 TB HDD to do the mining. I believe that it will be a huge improvement from what I have right now. Which is the best way to plot that 10 TB HDD? Is it better to make one 10 TB plot file? Or to make at least 5 plot files on the hard? Or maybe to create 5 separate partitions and plot them separately? Which do you think it would be the best choice? Sorry for the long article, but it is not that easy to figure everything out all by myself so if someone would like to help....... Thank you in advance.

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    @Jackk78 22 seconds is a little high for the CL miner - see how you go on the AVX or regular miner for comparison, and 90% of RAM is definitely not the norm.

    As for 5 * 2TB or 1 * 10TB - it depends. Theoretically if you had 5 plots, the miner can process all simultaneously, resulting in a very fast mining time. However, disk seek times interfere with that, and you have 5 processes all competing for the same hard drive. I'd go with 1 * 10TB - and then get parallelism by adding more drives 🙂

  • First, thank you for the fast reply. With the AVX I have around 27sec round time, so that is definitely worse. A regular miner does the same as this, also around 21-22 sec. It is very possible that I could not figure out the best settings for it. What should I try to change in the configuration? And as for the memory usage? Where could be the problem? Today is not my best day in mining, I thing that I would have done better from the faucets 🙂

  • @haitch Would running PlotChecker for each plot help reduce the 22 seconds?

    Welcome to Burst @Jackk78!

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    @socalguy If there are no errors in the miner, then plot check won't help - there's nothing to fix.

    @Jackk78 I assume the external drive is connected via USB 2.0? It's going to be a little slower, but 22 seconds is still okay. Internal drives will be much faster.

    If you look in Task Manager -> Processes, and sort by memory, what's using all the RAM ?

  • @haitch There are no errors with the miner, I believe that it works fine. Yes, it is connected via 2.0 USB. The most of the ram is used by javaw, svchost and java. These 3 are the most hungry.

  • @Jackk78 Win7?

  • @Jackk78
    this is how the miner looks like

  • @Dario's-wallet

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    @Jackk78 win 7 could be the issue - I've got three instances of the jMiner (OpenCL miner) running on my Win 10 box, and the largest is using 350MB. I'm a little surprised you've got java.exe and javaw.exe running - I'd have expected just java.

  • @Jackk78 Did you Try Blago's miner ?

  • @Castiel
    no, I have not tried that yet, but i will

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    @Jackk78 Blagos miner are the Default/AVX miners in the AIO - so yes, you did try them 🙂

  • @haitch
    ok... I will connect the hdd to my laptop, which is running on win10. it is not as powerful as my desktop, but maybe it will run better.

  • @haitch
    🙂 than yes. As I have said, I am new to all this and I have no idea what am I doing 🙂 I am glad that I managed to get this far. 🙂

  • does everything look ok from the printscr? is it working as it should, under the given circumstances (win7, high mem usage, so on)?

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    @Jackk78 It looks okay - but until you increase the size of your plots I'd consider a different pool. with 2TB you'll not find a lot of deadlines on the burst-team pool.

  • @haitch
    yes, I know that I have to change the poll.
    thank you guys for all your support and advice. it was a pleasure meeting a united, strong and helpful community. whish you all the best.

  • Hello again guys. It seams I have a problem and I dont know what to do anymore, so I need your help. I changed my external hdd from one computer to another, I opened a new wallet, changed the reward assignment to a new pool, but after more than 30 min and around 6 or 7 blocks, I still get the error : failed to submit nonce to pool, error code: 1004 - burst accounts reward recipient does not match pool`s account . I tried with (the 1 BurstCoin was credited from my account), and after 1 hour, still the same error. I changed than to, still the same error ( 2 BurstCoins were credited from my account, because i tried to change 2 times in the past hour) and still the same error. Why is this not working? thx

  • @Jackk78 Did you create a new plot file? (plot files are specific to each wallet)