• Hi Guys, just a quick question, I added and plotted a second drive and noted it on the "start mining" screen. When I selected the "start mining default" option, nothing happens. I do not see any mining activity. One thing to note is that I did power-down my PC because I wanted to have the external drives closer to each other. So, in effect, I stopped the original one drive mining process. Is there a waiting time for the events to start again where I can see it. I also did run the plotchecker on both drives and it was okay. Thank you again for your kind support.

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    @TonyMarq No waiting time required. You can still see both drives in Windows Explorer ?

  • @haitch Not sure what that means. I can see the drives but I can't see if the drives are plotting (or is it mining). I hate this learning curve 🙂 thanks pal.

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    @TonyMarq Windows Explore - My Computer - the file system browser. So you've already plotted both drives? Were you able to mine with the first drive? What OS, and 32 or 64 bit ?

  • @haitch Yes, I was doing fine. During that process, I added a second drive yesterday and complete plotted it a little while ago. Once the potting was done, I disconnected the original drive(It's external so I used the safety disconnect feature) and turned off the system to use another USB port that was closer to the newly plotted drive. I turned on the system, did a quick plotchecker with no issues, opened my account and went directly to the "Start Mining" menu where I can see both drives inside of the "Found Plots" box. I the selected the s"Start mining default" box but nothing opens up. I'm using Windows 10, 64 bits.

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    @TonyMarq Ok - that's all good - and just the way you should have done it. If it's finding the plots, I'm not sure why the mining won't start. The reboot shouldn't have changed anything. Others may have ideas on why you can't start mining, or we can look at manually seting up Blago's miner to mine for you.

  • @haitch I going to give a half hour. maybe it's related to rescanning the old and now new drive. One other thing I may try as resetting the pool. I may have locked myself out. Thank you.

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    @TonyMarq You can't lock yourself out of the pool - the miner should start. Even if you have an issue with the pool, the miner should still start. If it was working and now isn't - I can't think of a reason for that.

  • @haitch I went ahead a tried to reset the pool by selecting the pool again and clicking change. Did not work, but I am one coin down. I'm still trying things, I going to put things back where they originally were and try again. Thanks.

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    @TonyMarq This happens when the pool is offline. Which pool you are mining at? A change could help out or just wait and try it later.

  • I selected the "Start Mining AVX" button and the process started. I'm not sure what the differences between the default and AVX choices are. One thing I have noticed though I have not mentioned it, when I select the start mining button, I get several pop-ups telling me that it cannot find the disk in certain drives. I got at least four popups before the start menu activates, it's pretty annoying. (I do have other drives inside my system, (sys backup, business, etc.)

  • @TonyMarq Check your firewall settings. It might be blocking access.

  • @socalguy Will do, let you know. Thanks.