• Hi Guys,

    i would like to hear your opinions on whether to keep or delete answered questions on the various subject matter. I know I've asked a few and they have been very well answered, however, some of my questions may relate only to a specific issue I had and which probably really didn't affect anyone else. However, there are postings of interest that I feel may help others.

    What I'm noting is that there are some one-time issues that should be deleted to keep the questions generally available without having to scour through those that no longer are being seen. (By the way, I have no idea if this is already being done) Thnk you for your thoughts and opinions?

  • @TonyMarq quite possible someone may face same issue again in future ...
    So he/she can just search for related issue on forum/google & they those old threads may be helpful for them then.

  • @Castiel I agree, was just thinking of those one time-off issues. Thank you.

  • Leave the topic but op could maintain the original first post to include a summary of the issue and the solution. It would also help to change the heading to reflect what the issue was. For example "Solved Overlapped File Issue" would be a better find instead of something like "Guys I have a problem Halp!"

    Thank you for the great question. Keep them coming! 🙂