Multi Crypto Mining Asset MCM

  • Hello all,

    This is my first asset 🙂 so if I have done some wrong please let me know and I will do my best to rectify it.

    I have created this because I thought it would be a nice way to get myself into the community...So what I would like to do is create an asset that everyone can invest into and profit off.

    The idea of this is to mine on a multi-pool and rotate between different altcoins then at a later date when the price is high trade them for other coins. What I will do with the shares bought is invest into buying more mining power and mine all these coins and sell them on the exchanges for burst.

    I plan on using 100% of investors money to get more power in mining as well I will be adding in what mining power I already have which is like 0.01 BTC. I will be taking 5% for management fees and I will be reinvesting 10% of the coins, so if ETH jumps to 100USD a coin and we mined 1 coin for the day we will reinvest 10USD. 85% of the coins mined will be withdrawn from the pool and exchanged to BTC which then will be exchanged to Burst at best possible price and distributed to the investors.

    Title: Multi Crypto Mining (MCM)
    Asset ID: 17574856731278218225
    Asset Issuer: BURST-4SCC-D7LR-S93H-AF8A2
    Supply: 10,000,000
    Price: 2 Burst
    Dividends: 85%
    Compound: 10%
    Management Fee: 5%
    Payouts: Weekly
    Earnings Report:

    Mining Power:
    Cloud Miner: BitClub
    Size: 1 Share - POOL1 SHA-256

    Burst Miner
    Size: 10,964 GB
    Address: BURST-A2EZ-7F43-Q2RP-594LN

    Margin Trading Account
    Balance: 0.2 BTC
    MyFXBook: Verified Account

    Size: 3x RX470
    NiceHash Address: 3PcgSb7G9ot1d3oGEssrBApt2Fp79zucZu

  • Hey Dethie,

    Welcome 😃 Seems like a very nice idea! However due to a scammer who has been roaming around I think the big issue would be trust here. If there is a way you could provide me/us with that, I'd probably be willing to buy a small amount of shares to give you a chance. But for now it is too risky for me 🙂

    Ways of creating trust for example could be sharing ID with public/trusted members or a way of setting up escrow.

    Good luck and happy bursting

  • What kind of cloud mining are you invested in? I have bad experience with all kinds of cloud mining in the crypto sphere, so it would be nice with more information here.

  • @BurgerBaron I agree with you there, sadly there are scammers as mentioned meaning that people cannot be trusted with funds 😞

  • @BurgerBaron

    I don't feel safe giving out my ID. I am struggling to find ways to prove my legitimacy...seeing as I don't have access to the miner to take photos of..if you want pictures of the burst miner that is easy done.

    I can put some coins in escrow if that would help but the amount and who to give to is a mystery for me being as I am so new and I am not sure who to trust.


    I own a portion of a S7 antminer soon to be S9 when they arrive. if you have no idea what they are, visit this link

    The company that I am currently with are a registered company in California USA. I am not worried about them scamming me/us. Obviously there is still a chance that mining will become unprofitable but with the new s9's that came out it has made the miners a lot more efficient with energy.

  • Yeah maybe escrow would help, due of the recent scams we had, it's pretty hard to trust new users with assets.

    With only 12 posts and that you joined about 11 hours ago, you dong give any good reason to trust 😕 , who knows, maybe the other members find this enough, I don't ^_^

  • @dethie Hey there! I think this is just to soon for you, don't get me wrong but you should build some reputation around here first, maybe the escrow could help you but you will probably have to pay him to hold your ID or some kind of refund...

    I don't usually like much these cloud mining at least in other coins, because like i always say they are all scams some of them just take longer to stop paying... So for me the only way i can invest in your asset is if you get at least some escrow to hold some refund of investment so this could be a more safe investment. I don't think you have to refund the whole investment but the majority of it you should guarantee...

    Just my 2 cents, Good luck!

  • @Zeus @gpedro

    I am willing to escrow some coins but just wondering who would be the best person to do so?

  • @dethie Well, it has to be someone with a good reputation around here... Look for some Developer or some forum Moderator on the top of your list, then contact them and see if they are willing to do that and what are their requirements for you to do something like that with their help!

  • admin

    @dethie okay - who let the Aussies in ?? Kiwi here 🙂

  • @gpedro
    Awesome, I will see who I can find. thank you for the help!

    haha sometimes I feel like our side of the world gets forgotten. Nice to know there is someone on here that is near me 😛 Would you possible escrow for me? 😂

  • admin

    @dethie I'm Kiwi - but US based. Spent a year in Canberra and have a couple of sisters in Perth. You're in Brisbane ?

    And sure - I can escrow for you. Will setup separate wallet that you can deposit into.

  • @dethie You see it was fast and easy that search xD

  • I can escrow, but I need to meet a real kangaroo first 🙂

  • @haitch Awesome you are the best! Will you want anything for doing this? or you just that kind? 😂

    @gpedro That was super fast XD

    @jervis lol well I can go get you one I literally live right next to roos

  • admin

    @jervis Those things can kill with a single kick .... you want to meet the babies, you don't want to meet an adult.

  • damn, discovery channel sure is bias. THey say they're beautiful and gentle creatures. 😞

  • admin

    @dethie Don't need anything for it, it's not like I need to do anything beyond creating an account. Escrow account address is: BURST-SYKS-5FKR-FXFM-HNKFC

  • I am just waiting on @haitch to reply to my PM I just need to know some details about how to escrow these funds, obviously want to do it right the first time.

    Sold shares: 10,004 @ 1 Burst each
    Current Cloud Mining Power: 316.1584 GHS

    Here is screenshot of the dashboard:


    Burst Miner
    Size: 3020GB soon to be 5482GB
    Address: BURST-A2EZ-7F43-Q2RP-594LN
    Burst Earned Since 25/09/2016: 405.04 Burst
    I had some issues with the plotter last night so I had to restart the plotter, but as you can see some of it got done.

  • What cloud mining provider you currently using?