TRADING BURST: Best and most cost-effective exchange?

  • I am posing this question on behalf of everyone else who is still coming to terms with trading coins, in general, and Burst , in particular. Given my very limited grasp, my question may sound somewhat inappropriate, but is entirely justified under the sincere notion of finding meaningful direction.

    Most of us who were introduced to Burst neither traded nor mined currencies before, and everything is just an utterly new concept. As far as trading or exchanging coins, as well as withdrawal or transfer thereof, I kindly request to be advised on the best and most cost-effective exchange to use, regardless of trade volume.

    Since most of us do not know all the exchanges that deal with Burst, it will be of great help if we could look into a full list of them. Then, we could look into the prons and cons, as well as the differences, of each exchange. Any other advice pertaining hereto shall surely help paint a clearer informed picture.

    We heavily rely on the generosity in guidance of those who are experienced in the field.

  • @Ndabezitha

    Here is the list of exchanges that Burst is on.

    I've only used c-cex and polo. I think polo is king with the most activity.

  • admin

    @Ndabezitha The most used Exchange for Burst is currently, but and now are also options.

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    I like the idea to make a pro / cons list!

    Pro: Highest Volume
    Con: 20 Confirmations needed until deposit available


  • Polo is king IMO. Bittrex probably a distant 2nd, after that, they are kind of sketchy if you ask me. The 20 confirms on polo is a turn off, but it tends to have the highest volume and best prices.

  • If we could streamline our discussion a little, is it possible to compare Poloniex and C-CEX solely on the basis of COST? Perhaps, if we could respond, quoting relevant cost percentage, in the context stated hereinunder:

    1. BTC-BURST trade in any given direction.
    2. Coin transfer to another wallet.

    Thank you.

  • @Ndabezitha said in TRADING BURST: Best and most cost-effective exchange?:

    Since most of us do not know all the exchanges that deal with Burst, it will be of great help if we could look into a full list of them.

    This is only partially an answer to your question, but it is still important for newbies to know.

    In the crypto world, it is common to look for an [ANN] page on the forum Bitcointalk, in order to grasp the 'essence' of a crypto currency, and also to for example find out which exchanges the coin is listed on. Any respectable coin will try to keep the OP (original/first post) updated with any important information (such as info about exchanges). Also, you can often find out a lot about a coin and its community by reading the posts in that forum.

    Here is the corresponding link for Burst: That forum is mostly used for announcements, and, as you already know, this forum is used for everything else. Finally, new Bursters (and old) may sign up to the chat forum we have on alttechchat for more 'real time' communication. Here you will find separate channels for trading, mining and so forth: You can even press the IRC button at the top of this forum to chat in realtime with users. So, the possibilities are many!