Help with online and offline wallet please.

  • I created an online wallet when I first started and it works great. Yesterday, I downloaded the downloadable wallet to my Windows 7 pc. It opens up and all that but I noticed the tab for "online wallet" was pushed. So, I pushed the "local wallet" button and it always says the same thing.........the local wallet hasn't started yet, blah blah blah....get java and to run run_save_mode.bat in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\BurstWallet to see the command line to find the problem.

    I've checked my java. It's up to date. There are no older versions of java on my machine. It's working fine. When I run the .bat file, a cmd prompt window comes up and goes through a bunch of code so fast I can't even see what it says, and then it just closes the cmd window.

    I'd really like to get the local wallet working. Please help.

  • @cmbconcretefire it's the java of your IE or internet explorer. 🙂

  • admin

    @cmbconcretefire Open a cmd prompt, go to the directory, and run the batch file - what error do you get ?