Surpassed 1000 posts!!!

  • Hey guys just wanted to share with you guys, i've just surpassed the 1000 posts (actually this is my post #1026) in little more than 3 months around here! xD

    You can check it in here:

    BIG THANKS to all the community by the help that you guys provided me, sprecially in the beggining, but not only in the beggining, for all the help and love that you guys share with me everytime!

    And sorry to those i ask a lot of questions (hahaha), but like i always say "Questioning is learning!", and this guys can confirm, for sure, that i normally don't ask the same question twice, so you can see that works!! xP

    Sometimes i have some stupid ideas and that could be one of the reasons i have so many posts already, but usually great ideas born from a fusion of real stupid ideas and that's what everybody wants right? xD

    Well i will continue to have my stupid ideas and try to make all that i see better in some way and i will of course continue to help whoever i can, like all of you guys did with me in the beggining, and like i have been doing so far!

    So Peace and BURST TO THE TOP ! ! !

  • Congrats my friend. If I ever have a question I know I can count on you to help me troubleshoot it. 🙂

    Here's to your Burst success in the coming years.
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  • @socalguy Thanks man! You know i'm allways here to help! And that cheers is not to my success, IT'S TO OUR SUCCESS ! ! !


  • @gpedro Congratulations ! We've now got 2 guys with over 1000 posts ! The community is growing exponentialy and that's great. I've seen a great increase in new users and new posts during the recent weeks, I begin to struggle to keep up with everything haha

  • @gpedro Yes man. You're the legendary forum troll! Congratulations! 0.o XD next stop, the moon!

  • Congrats Gpedro! Ou devo lhe responder em portugues? rsrs

    Thanks for all the help my friend. I've showed your faucet to more than 10 people, and If you start an asset or something, just say, I'll be the first to support.

  • @Gadrah_ @jervis Thanks guys and yes trolling around here gives me some pleasure besides make my english a lot better LOL

    @JotaJota Obrigado pelo apoio e já sabes que sempre que precisares de ajuda eu estou por cá...! E sim quando eu abrir um asset vou-te avisar com certeza, não te preocupes?! xP

  • @gpedro Please bring that to the Potugese thread. Imma ban you from here. LOL! XD 1,000 is a lot man. You surpass even Chuck Norris at this point. 0.o

  • @jervis LOOL please don't ban me and WOW surpassed Chuck Norris i think it's something a lot bigger, i think i should do some party about that xD

    Here's the translation for what i said above xD :
    "Thanks for the support, and you already know that everytime you need help, i'm around here...! And yes when i open an asset i will warn you, don't bother about it?! xP"

  • @gpedro I just surpassed 100 posts, I've still got a long way to go to catch up haha 😉