Lost all of the BURST?

  • Hi there, guys!
    Today I've got an issue with Withdrawal/Depositing of BURSTs. I'm newbie in this stuff and have not a complete understanding of Bursts.
    So, actually I withdrew my Bursts from Polo account to a Bittrex account. And haven't mentioned that Bittrex is not crediting accounts with Burst until some sort of message is mentioned. Depositing, Bittrex gives you an address and a message (some sort of encryption reminding a transaction hash). But Polo doesn't use it at all. Later, I discovered that warning on Bittrex, when the coins flown away:(
    Does it mean all the coins are stored now somewhere in singularity?
    Who had the same issue and found a way-out?

  • @derifeo Hi! Urgh, I'm sorry mate, this could be a problem :(... Check this out: https://bittrex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202991514-All-things-NXT-related. Burst code is NXT based and there's no guarantee to refund. Try open a request to Bittrex specifying all the transaction details. Hope for the best 🙂

  • This incident is an example that we should not take shortcuts easily. As you possibly can, please withdraw to your wallet and deposit from your wallet to avoid any discrepancies in the blockchain. 🙂 I hope this will be fixed. I have no idea how to circumvent this. But, opening a ticket would be the first step. Hoping all the best.

  • admin

    only chance to get the burst back is open a ticket a bittrex, they got the burst, but do not know what account it belongs to. maybe they refund it, if no one else claims it, cause without the help of polo (they surely can proof that the withdraw transaction belongs to you), you will not be able to prove that it is yours ... so depends on amount of burst if you want to take action in this case. i do not know if exchanges will help ...

  • Hello again, guys!

    I'm in a hurry to share the news about resolution of the issue I described earlier.
    I opened a ticket at Bittrex 2 days ago. After a short period of time I received a message with further steps on how to make your funds credited to your account. Those steps concerned depo wallet, transaction IDs, and still the main thing: the depo message which is attached to an address. I gave the credentials and has been warned that the crypto-funds in this case would be manually deposited by them (bittrex support team). Also, it was clearly said that this process actually takes approximately one week to be accomplished. For me, it took 2 business days and I received email that depo was credited. So it depends on unknown circumstances.

    Now everything is fine, hope it helps those who stuck in this situation.

  • @derifeo After all the things going south, at least here's a good news to share. I'm glad it's all sorted out without too much hassle and heartache. 🙂