Plot Size

  • Hey Ya'll!

    I have several drives ranging from 200GB to 5TB, I get the principals of plotting and mining and have plotted quite a bit with the winplotgenerator v1.15 and the optimizer v1.11. The question is does each plot size matter for deadlines or just the overall TB of your miner? I ask because I made a script to spit out 100GB plots until the drive is full, then on to the next drive.

    Example: my E: drive has 46 - 100GB plots... will having lots of small files hurt my deadlines? should I have made a few large plots instead? or is it the overall 4600GB that matters?

    and can anyone tell me whether I should be on ninja or - I have 24890GB total

    Thanks for all your help!


  • @chrisagreat All the drives are read in parallel, once the maximum read time for each drive is less than 30 seconds you should be good. Regarding the pools,

  • I can read all 24890GB in ~25 sec using 4 CPU threads 🙂 I split all the files into 1000GB 'threads'


    so your saying that my time is good, and plot size doesn't matter so much as the drive/thread size? Then thanks.... just been a question on my mind considering each 100GB takes ~90min and I'd HATE to get done and be like crap.


  • @chrisagreat better for speed
    1 drive = 1 thread, if you will use like "E:\plots\t1","E:\plots\t2","E:\plots\t3","E:\plots\t4","E:\plots\t5" - miner will cross(jump) the HDD's head between sectors

  • You're always savin' my bacon with this stuff Blago, and thanks iKnow0 too!

  • @chrisagreat Having a lot of small plots don't affect the value of your deadlines, of course, but it affects the time your deadlines will be found, that's because the seek time of your hard drive: medium seek time for an hard drive is ~10ms, I think if you have 24890/100=~250 plots it means, indicatively, that you should lost 250*10=2.5 secs for reading your plots. It's a negligible lost, but do your own math if you will plot a lot more...