Question about creating an asset.

  • How do I figure out how many shares to create. If I decide to pay out monthly dividends do I need to make all those transactions by hand or is there some way to automate that? Is there anything else I might be overlooking?

  • It's just my humble opinion @newsense2004 but I think you should hold off from creating an asset until you have built up some reputation points. Not too long ago we had a string of scams occur. 😞

    Here is a list of things some of us use to evaluate a new asset. The more you can answer, the more we can safely believe in it.

    Check list to evaluate an Asset:

    • Date of registration of the Asset Issuer in the forums. Is he new, is he a known active member of the forums?
    • Can the Asset Issuer show some past work he has done?
    • Proof of reputation available? Possible e.g. by eBay, Amazon or Social Network Accounts.
    • Proof of Hardware available? Pictures? Mining Addresses? - Pictures can be verified by adding a paper note for example.
    • Is the Asset overpriced? Crunch the numbers.Does the Asset have a - solid income stream? Is it future proof?
    • Is the income stream related to the economy outside of the crypto space? (<- AAA Asset 😉 )

  • @socalguy Thank you very much. That information was very helpful. I suggest it being added to a tutorial on assets or maybe you can do a tutorial on creating an asset. I am going to hold off for a while because I can't check off everything on that list but I plan on investing, gaining a few burst from faucets and buying burst for now. Mining and a new asset in the future possibly. Thanks again.

  • @newsense2004 I look forward to holding some shares of your asset in the future. 🙂