If power goes out or need to move setup while you're mining with an external HDD...can you resume when power comes back?

  • I had a discussion with a friend about what happens if the power goes out when you're mining or you have to move your setup to a new location. He was under the impression that if you're in the middle of mining and you lose power that you would have to re-plot your HDD/HDDs' again and start the process over again. True or not true?

    Right now I'm mining overnight using my PC's HDD and I shut my laptop every morning and bring it to work and resume mining when I sit at my desk. No problems. I know I might be asking a rhetorical question but was curious about what my friend said or no problem just shutting down if needed and just resume as I do with my laptop using external HHD/HDDs'


  • @Vanquish In above scenario, your mining won't be affected. You can just resume mining like usual.

  • @Castiel Thank you, sir. That's what I thought, just needed to confirm.